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Keeping Our Dead Over 3 Days Before Burial Must Stop, Causing Havoc in Biafraland – IPOB

The worldwide development and respectable group of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the order and administration of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to report to all Biafrans, companions of Biafra and admirers of Biafra opportunity that it is about time Biafrans begin covering our dead in the span of three days as it was in antiquated times. IPOB has dove excessively deep in the otherworldly and figures out that saving our dead ones for such a long time is adding to the serious issues of Ndigbo in this current times.
Our progenitors were covering their dead ones in something like three days and that is our way of life and it helped our predecessors profoundly. Igbos have exceptionally rich and profoundly based culture which our progenitors kept up with since before time began. The current propensity for keeping dead bodies over three days and even long stretches of time in the morgue have critically affected our property and added to the otherworldly weekness of Igbo Nation and of the whole Biafraland, moral debauchery and every possible kind of malicious that have flourished in our territory. Since IPOB has come to understand that this outsider act of keeping the dead ashore as opposed to resolved to mother earth adversely affects our kin and upon our property. It has accordingly become extremely imparative to encourage our kin to return to the old practices that has exceptionally constructive outcome upon our welbeing both profoundly and in any case.
After some careful examination we have arrived at the place of understanding that every one of the reasons given by our kin which create the superfluous setback for covering our dead inside a brief period are neither fitting nor sufficiently significant. These reasons are man-made generally money related conditions from the dispossessed families, customary ceremonies, places of worship and Umunna. A portion of these reasons were deliberate while others are simply to rebuff the deasead families and bring in cash from the dead. We in this way, ask our kin, strict pioneers, conventional rulers and for the most part the Umunna all kinds of people to quit entrusting dispossessed families as a condition before they are permitted to commit their withdrew cherished one to mother earth. A portion of our kin have turned entombment as a fair and requesting that families pay tolls or obligation for their dead ones is a detestation and should be halted forthwith.
As it was in past, dispossessed families ought to be permitted to commit their dead ones to mother earth while a date for the entombment service is fixed for a later date as the need might arise to be gathered. Yet, utilizing reasons of non installment of entombment duties to reserve dead bodies in the funeral homes is what IPOB don’t need an again in our area. Our kin ought to return to our old solid custom of covering the dead and do the needful at explicit times inside their span.
IPOB will connect with Church Leaders, Town Unions and Traditional Rulers and Umunna on this respects. We are encouraging them to set up their brains on this clarion call on the grounds that IPOB will foster methodology of curtaling the unnecessary utilization of montuary in our Region. This methodology might incorporate convincing the shut down of so many montuaries littered all around our property. The main dead bodies that can be permitted to remain longer in the funeral home are those in the court or under police examination.
Keeping dead ones so lengthy without placing them into the mother earth is an issue to the existences of Ndigbo both home and abroad remembering our advancement for life.
Igbos are contracting in life since we disrespect the dead by saving dead bodies in morgues for a really long time than needed in these funeral homes. Any country, clan or family that keeps the dead without placing the carcass into the residue is making a deservice themselves.
IPOB has gone excessively far in our work to reestablish our dear Nation of Biafra and we can’t free the open door due to unburied individuals littered in different morgues. A few cadavers have been left in the montuary for one, two and three years due to self delight, exacts or charges from families, chapels and Umunnas. We are prompting the families, Church Authorities and Umunna to invert this unfortunate and fiendish pattern before IPOB starts to execute this new approach. The unburied has transformed into zombies and finding unfortunate results on our harmony and endurance as a Nation.
The absolute most upsetting part of this act of keeping dead bodies in funeral homes that is our kin who passed on in different pieces of the nation even external the nation are carried down to Biafraland and stored in montuary for a really long time before entombment. Alaigbo have been transformed into an enormous funeral home where dead bodies are unloaded with the going with desperate results to our property and this demeanor and practice should stop forthwith.
Proprietors of funeral homes in our property should begin making arrangements for another business. We are not against those taken part in montuary business but rather we are against keeping dead ones longer than needed in light of the fact that we are wanting to walk and we can’t keep dead bodies unburied before we match.
IPOB is empowering our kin on the need to accord regard to our withdrew darling ones by covering them right away. In times past our predecessors embarmed the dead in the house and cover in three days or less. Ndigbo were not weaklings and apathetic however today our territory is crushed and annihilated totally by obscure shooters and IPOB won’t permit that to proceed.
God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama favor and safeguard Biafrans.
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