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Leave Africa, they can speak for themselves – Russia tells France

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry told Anadolu Agency in a news briefing on Thursday that, while Africa can speak for itself, France’s neo-colonialist mindset is reflected in its attempts to speak for Africa.
Maria Zakharova said that today all nations are sovereign and independent, have the right to pursue their own policies, both internally and externally, and have the right to develop bilateral ties, in response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s assertion that Moscow is pursuing “a predatory policy” in Africa.
“Why the official in Paris is speaking on behalf of the African continent is beyond our comprehension.The continent of Africa has its own voice.Additionally, our nation assisted African states in developing their voice, she added.
“African nations and the continent have the right to speak up for themselves and to forge relationships with those with whom they wish.She emphasized, “They don’t need France’s mediation services for this.”
She went on to say that African nations had to live with “colonizers” on their land for too long, but now they are free to make their own decisions.

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