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Military Officers Raise Alarm Over Corruption, Ethnic And Religious Bigots

Some military officers under the aegis of Concerned Patriotic Military Officers have raised the alarm over the state of the nation which it said has become increasingly impossible to guarantee the survival of Nigeria as a country.

The group raised its concerns in an open letter addressed to the Presidency, Senate and Service Chiefs titled: The Military Promoting Grave Injustice And Unprofessionalism To Destroy Nigeria.”

It described the Nigerian Army as a place with religious bigots and injustice.

In the letter obtained by SaharaReporters on Sunday, the group warned that if the situation must be changed, there must be a radical response to destroy the evil roots that have made the country Nigeria a failed nation.

The group said, “There was a time when Nigerians could live in full satisfaction from fundamental provisions of the state such as security, safety, means of livelihood and all-inclusiveness. These provisions have been killed by few enemies of the state who seek to advance only their interests. This is an open letter to those who care to force the wind of change from all spheres of life in Nigeria.

The main glue or unifying force that has kept Nigeria afloat is the military. Unfortunately, the Military has been ravaged by selfish, evil, unprofessional, greedy, sentimental, unpatriotic ethnic and religious bigots who are determined to grow and nurture like-minded successors all to the detriment of this beloved nation.

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“Now imagine that Nigeria has been at war for over 13 years and the country has less than 250,000 officers and soldiers but only a fraction of them have participated genuinely in this war. The Nigerian Army is the most guilty of the services that will catalyse the destruction of Nigeria. The kind of evil in the army is beyond comprehension.”

The group added, “There are soldiers who have served in army headquarters in Abuja for 10 to 15 years and beyond, all permanented in Abuja without going for any war. While others continue to remain at war or are rotated and taken back after a short period. The same army but different treatments because of sentiments. The generals keep soldiers with them who they only send for foreign missions to make money while the god fatherless continue to fight for the country. Even entitlements are not paid correctly.

The ones fighting are not useless but are the heroes receiving bad treatment due to lack of godfathers. Soldiers prepare to throw this country into confusion because the few that are enjoying are the cowards and can’t face the ones suffering.”

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Accusing Nigeria military officers of corruption, the group explained that during the 2023 elections, funds made available for the welfare of soldiers were siphoned by army headquarters, adding that those monies were shared with their commanders who conducted the elections.

The group alleged that some officers used the stolen funds to buy estates and assets all over Nigeria.

It said, “The officers too, some will never take part in war but they enjoy the most. Imagine the army becoming a regional army where officers and soldiers are sent to serve in their states because they can afford to pay for postings.

“Some soldiers and officers will serve in places to make money. Then when they finish, they pay money to return to Abuja and serve.

“Some officers will dodge, then as Colonel or General, they will go as chief of staff to the war zone because at that level they will not take part just to appear on record that they have served there. Some even go as MA to hide. Enough is enough. There are many things these injustices can cause.”

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They, however, warned that unless these issues are addressed immediately and squarely, “selling of ammunition cannot stop in the army”.

“Again this country should know that the soldiers and officers who are treated badly can create confusion within and outside the army,” the group said.

While calling on Nigerians to wake up and seize the country now before it is too late, the group disclosed that foreigners are even coming to collect “our lands in the face of wicked selfish leaders and their selfish few followers.”

They advised that if there is any part of Nigeria considered irrelevant, that region should be allowed to go their way.

“Nigerians, wake up and seize your destinies by yourselves because no one will do it for you. If there is any section of the country that is considered not relevant then let them leave. The constitution provides for federalism and all-inclusiveness but even the army is regional, religious and ethnic now,” the group advised.

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