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NA NOW DAY BREAK:Senseless killing of innocent Nigerians must stop – Bakare

Bakare, during his message, titled, ‘There is no peace for the wicked,’ on Sunday at the church’s new auditorium in Oregun, Lagos, said effective policing must involve the cooperation of the citizens.

He said, “One cannot but weep day and night for the senseless killing of innocent citizens protesting peacefully against the lawlessness of some members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad who seemed to be proceeding from evil to evil without attended consequences.

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“I do not think that men in uniform in our country know that the people they are killing are other peoples’ children because if you have a child and if you ever raised a child, you will not deliberately shoot at the child, who is simply protesting in a civil way.

“There is no record that these people protesting were burning houses or destroying vehicles. You simply cannot obtain the cooperation of the people for a tactical unit they no longer trust.

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“It is evident that SARS was created with noble anti-robbery intentions reminiscent of ‘Operation Sweep’, the late ‘90s anti-crime initiative of the Buba Marwa administration in Lagos.

“The grave irony of SARS is that it became a grotesque embodiment of the problem it was created to solve and the tail was now wagging the dog.”

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