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Naira scarcity may push Nigerians into depression, suicide —Psychiatrist

Taiwo Sheikh, a professor of psychiatry at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State, has stated that the scarcity of both the old and new naira notes will cause many Nigerians to become frustrated and depressed.

Additionally, he stated that the country’s suicide rates would rise if the Federal Government did not act immediately to address the issue.

Prof. Sheikh, who was the immediate past President of the Association of Psychiatry in Nigeria, stated that the situation, if it is not investigated, will lead to mental health crises for a large number of Nigerians, necessitating hospital admission due to a lack of personnel and infrastructure.

In an exclusive interview with PUNCH HealthWise, the psychiatrist lamented that the scarcity of the naira has enraged a lot of Nigerians.

He mentioned that, as a result of recent events in the country, including fuel scarcity, Nigerians no longer enjoy optimal mental health.

The don stated, “This lack of naira has already increased the country’s rate of mental illness.” It is unusual for an adult to strip down in a bank. You no longer consider it to be normal.

“It is not normal for people to be punching each other and carrying irons in front of automated teller machines in order to get some money.

These are signs of dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction is accompanied by a form of transferred aggression. When you are unable to confront the source of your frustration, you move your aggression elsewhere. You usually give it to other people. The scarcity of naira is causing a lot of frustration.

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Prof. Sheikh said once more that the country would have more people with mental illnesses if the situation wasn’t fixed.

“If this distressing situation and the frustration are not controlled, it will lead to mental illnesses that will increase the state of suicide in the country,” the professor warned. That is unquestionable: one thing leads to another.

Depression and anxiety disorders are common. They will experience psychosis, suicidal thoughts, and murder. There are numerous reasons why people will attack others, including the transmission of aggression.

“The situation will get worse for those who already have mental illnesses.”

More than 60 million Nigerians are afflicted with mental illnesses, according to the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria, but only about 10% of them are able to obtain the necessary treatment.

Prof. Sheikh made it clear that mental well-being is not just the absence of mental illness; rather, it is the capacity for a person to deal with the challenges of daily life without causing harm to others.
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Therefore, if you don’t handle difficult situations well, they can lead to a clear mental illness. Additionally, if you are able to effectively deal with such a distressing circumstance, you will be able to resolve it, restoring your optimal well-being. Additionally, you can overcome life’s obstacles and move on. He stated, “Naira scarcity disrupts optimal mental well-being.”

Prof. Sheikh said, “Your ability to have your aspiration without hurting another person and pursue it within the expected norms of socio-cultural setting and contribute to the development of your community,” providing insight into the significance of maintaining optimal mental health.

Therefore, once a distressing circumstance such as this arises, when you are forced to throw yourself in the banking hall naked, your capacity to cope has diminished. If this is the case, you are no longer enjoying optimal mental health.

“It does not imply that you are ill at that time; rather, you are distressed to the point where you no longer enjoy optimal mental well-being. You can return to optimal mental health if we are able to address your situation at that time. However, if we are unable to change your circumstances at that time, you may develop a serious mental illness that requires treatment and hospitalization.

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He claims that the country’s current state of affairs has caused many Nigerians to become distressed and frustrated, affecting their optimal mental health.

They have been thrown out of their familiar zone of optimal mental health as a result. They have moved away from that familiar environment. Nigerians no longer have optimal mental health.

As a result, we struggle to cope, and as a result of our struggle, we begin to exhibit abnormal behaviors and to vent our rage at others.

“Many people will develop mental illnesses that will require treatment if the situation is not handled appropriately.

We are already at risk. The psychiatrist elaborated, “We are going to have more people with mental disorders if it is not checked.”

Prof. Sheikh urged the government to take actions that would lessen the nation’s discontent.

He stated, “Government should do something very appropriate that will reduce people’s suffering, frustration, and distress.”

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