NEWS UPDATE: Brief Excerpts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Live Broadcast Last Night. 28 March 2019.


SAHARANEWS – There’s a serious gang up against IPOB, Biafra and my humble self but with all their machinations, with all their evil plots, they will fail..

“Since they want to disgrace themselves abundantly, we are here to help them, It is important that we remain focused because the devil have invented a new way in fighting us –

“We have instructed our international legal team to take up this issue in line with international backings

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Binta Nyako thinks that the only way she can make a headline again is by revoking my bail, How can a Judge revoke my bail without first investigating what led to my disappearance? Only in a Zoo

Justice B. Nyako refused to entertain all the applications brought to her Court over the attack and massacre in my home?

If you know Binta Nyako ask her why the issue surrounding the army barricading my house was swept under the the carpet.

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Binta Nyako cannot stop me from completing this Biafra restoration as was given to me by Chukwu Okike Abiama.

These wicked judiciary which Binta Nyako is part of will be disgrace internationally.

Temporal break down of transmission.

Stay tune…………


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