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We the worldwide development and group of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) capably drove by our extraordinary chief Mazi Nnamdi KANU raises caution over secret destruction the Nigerian Army and its sisters security organizations wish to leave on against the blameless residents of Obowu LGA, Achingali in Mbaise, Mbano LGAs, Ihite Uboma LGA of Imo State.
These people group and neighborhood government regions were surrounded by Nigeria armed force and police to begin their unlawful activity, we raise alert to the general population, people of clear mind across the globe to sway Nigeria Government and its trade off security specialists to let Biafra domain be and confront fulani fear mongers taking on the appearance of herders who are assaulting moms and ladies in the North.
The data contained in our insight showed that the Nigeria Army and police has been sent to these networks and regions to leave on door to door looking to clean up Hunters’ weapons and individual articles individuals use for their security, for the most part single and twofold barrel being utilized for hunting match-ups and for self protection from hazardous creatures that called themselves fulani psychological oppressors, as the public authority organizations thinks often less about their wellbeing.
This move further affirms our hollering over the conscious endeavor to clear Biafrans out for Fulanis to possess our familial terrains, We have additionally understood that the motivation behind why Nigeria police and Army check focuses are mounted at each town’s entry and exit is to act as Nigeria Government claimed profiling base high net work people Igbos and group of thugs network witness.
The Nigeria Army is currently set up camp at Otoko police headquarters, from where they will consummate their mischievous functional plans with the recruited neighborhood vigilantes and other purchased overs as “ndi osuimi” that is swindlers and sabotures in our middle and afterward move door to door circled for assortment of ranchers cave weapons made for self protection. In the mean time, Fulani-Terrorist Herdsmen hijackers and Bandits move openly with AK-47, AK-49, yet presently with Travor “Tar-21” of which just Nigeria Government was authorized and approved to utilize.
Travor Tar-21 in the possession of those we already respect Herdsmen and hijackers got us believing that they either recruited the extraordinary military ammo for activity or that the police and the military do such wrongdoings on mufti dress in camouflage and in correspondence with their associates at designated spots with whom they share the Ransome in the wake of separating the offer for “Óga at the top” afterall nobody really looks at the checker.
IPOB has been justified by the most recent turn of events and data from the Methodist Prelate who was hijacked last week, on the off chance that not earnestness from this dad, the foes of Biafra opportunity and autonomy, swindlers would have pounded it on the IPOB family bunch.
We have more than once repeated that Nigeria Government and its security offices particularly Army and other security organizations were supporting fulani to seize our kin and denounce IPOB through the media disinformation, yet presently it’s undeniable they’re in a joint endeavor and we believe they should clear our territory.
We need to make it clear to Nigeria Govt and her security specialists that we need a serene mandate.
We need Mazi Nnamdi kanu’s quick and genuine delivery.
We maintain that the military and police should quit devastating our kin via Ransom assortment which is being shared up to their most noteworthy order.
What’s more, that we will not take off from our property and we don’t look to possess desire anyone’s territory or domains.

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