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Nigeria needs competence, not national unity govt – Tinubu

On Thursday, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, shattered the hopes of supporters of a government of national unity by favoring competence over a political arrangement of this kind.

He expressed that his point was higher than an administration of public solidarity and would prefer to look for an administration of public capability in choosing his bureau individuals and not picking deputies in view of religion.

On Thursday, Tinubu issued a signed statement titled “Nigeria: At the Cusp of Renewed Hope is his first official statement since the Independent National Electoral Commission announced his victory as president-elect on March 1.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, was defeated by the candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, and the candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso, with 8, 794, 726 votes.

Tinubu’s offer of an olive branch has been rejected by Abubakar and Obi, who came in second and third, respectively, who are now challenging the election results in court. However, some Nigerians considered forming a government of national unity to quell the uproar over the election results.

In the statement, the president-elect addressed Nigerians about the issue, stating, “As your incoming president, I accept the task before me.” A united national government has been discussed. My objective is higher. I want a government with national authority. I will not be weighed down by factors unrelated to ability and performance when choosing my government. Political scheming is a thing of the past. In order to construct a Nigeria that is safer, more prosperous, and more just, I will gather competent adults, children, and young people from all over Nigeria. There will be children. Women will take center stage. Your position in government will not be affected if your religious beliefs require you to pray in a mosque or church. Competence and character will.

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The former governor of Lagos State made a comment about the presidential election, whose conduct was also criticized by some people. He also said that upset contestants had the right to go to court and that a fair and credible poll was held and won.

He stated, “A fair and trustworthy election has been held and won.” The distinction of that triumph and the precarious obligation it involves has fallen on me. I do not say this to brag or boast because such behavior is not permitted. I simply present the information as it is. I am aware that numerous Nigerians with good intentions voted for other candidates. Naturally, they are disappointed that their preferred candidate did not prevail. Other candidates have expressed their dissatisfaction and stated that they will challenge the election in court. This is a fundamental part of the democratic system. We uphold their right to pursue legal action. I have set my course and focus on this nation’s leadership while they exercise their legal rights in our democracy. I am committed to completing the important work that needs to be done for the benefit of everyone, regardless of whether they voted for me or even voted at all.

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Tinubu added that negative events can stoke passionate feelings, and that the time was not right for animosity and partisan recrimination. However, they were not the way to a better country.

“Only unity and national commitment can serve that purpose,” the president-elect said. Because of the impressive performance of new parties and their candidates, critics of Nigeria have arrived at the incorrect conclusion that our political system is fragmented. The critics are incorrect. The dynamic strength of our democracy is demonstrated by the emergence of the new parties and their candidates. People want democracy to function, where their interests are met and their voices are heard. He asserts that rather than the expansion of political parties, Nigerians should be concerned about the reemergence of outdated prejudices and bigotries regarding ethnicity, creed, and place of origin. This should be promoted rather than feared.

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He said that Nigerians were better than this because they were a nation and people who loved God and each other with love. He also said that at some point, people have to decide if they want to be swayed by the problems of the past or if they want to be brave and noble and be inspired by the promise of a better future.

“There have been times in our past when our governing institutions created more questions than they answered,” the president-elect stated. However, the trajectory of our political history inspires confidence in our ability to overcome that past. We have walked through the darkness of the night to see the light of the coming days. There is no compelling reason to retreat into the shadows of previous years.

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