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Nigeria will disintegrate if not restructured, says Middle-Belt Forum

The National Chairman of the Middle-Belt Forum, MBF, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, those agitating for restructuring are not  naive and dangerous, “they are people who want Nigeria to succeed, who want Nigeria to remain one indivisible entity.”

He said: “You can remember that the case of the South-East has been on for long before now. For the first time, Odua Republic has come up and lately I saw Akwa Ibom or whatever. People are clamouring to leave this country because things are not working. If things are working nobody will be clamouring to leave.

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“So people who are calling for the restructuring of this country, people who are calling for a constitution that will allow devolution of powers and so on which is a component of restructuring, people who are supporting the governors who say they do not have the powers though they are called chief security officers of their states but do not control the Police and the security apparatus which restructuring will address, are patriots.

“The issues of lopsidedness in allocating even constituencies to the extent that some places are more favoured than others rather than using real population and all that will be addressed with restructuring.

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“So people clamouring for restructuring are patriots who love Nigeria, who want Nigeria to remain one single entity and not to be dismembered because sections are dissatisfied with the way things are going on.”

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