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Nnamdi Kanu is not a fool – Rev. Father Mmor./@Biafra Message/

A man who controlls a great many adherents allover the world isn’t a simpleton…

A man who talks and a large number of individuals comply with him, isn’t a fool….

A man,whose devotees, kicked the bucket for, went to all his court procedures …isn’t a simpleton.

Huge number of individuals every day visits his dad’s compound like individuals on journey… I don’t think he is a blockhead..

A man, who is more well known than any political forerunner in Nigeria, past or present…. isn’t a nitwit..

Indeed, even his rivals and foes love him and respects him secretly…. Is it accurate to say that he is a dolt?

On a political mission, swarms are leased and paid, as indicated by nearby state run administrations… for his situation, swarms volunteer to follow him daily,even under yearning and hotness, they won’t ever whine.

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He strolls around openly, without security specialists and alarms , People marked him a wide range of fiendish names ,he actually stayed steady.

He is undeniably more regarded than even ” Religious Leaders”without any advertisment, his essence anyplace, makes pressures. Individuals address him as “Hero” Theologically, I may not concur with that, however will you quiet down? He never considered himself that.

Individuals of all Religious sections follow him, would it be a good idea for me to kill them? No!, he isn’t an imbecile.

No lead representative or president can acquire such regard from individuals. Call his adherents artless, no issue, what number of individuals has at any point followed or paid attention to you?

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He is definitely more perceived and regarded than any figure in Igbo land. I may not happy with the kind of words he utilizes, however I accept ,this person isn’t an individual to be played with.

I have a dream,that one day,Igbos ,will purchase huge hectares of land, fabricate a Secretariat, royal residence, visitor houses and enthrone him, the ruler, everything being equal.

Why should I pass judgment on anybody? Just God who finds stealthily knows everything. God can utilize anybody!

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NNAMDI KANU, I don’t have any acquaintance with you, I have never met you,but this is my authentic assessment on you. On the off chance that you believe, it’s not difficult to persuade individuals, go to the market, present your items, in the event that you finish it in multi week, you will get, what am discussing.


This is the initial time, I am straightforwardly saying anything regarding him.I am an adult,with long periods of involvement with God’s grape plantation, I know precisely the thing am discussing and am answerable for what I say.You dislike my perspective, yet the pitiful truth is that I have spoken.

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