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Nnamdi Kanu Issues Seven directives to IPOB

Nnamdi Kanu Issues Seven orders to IPOB

We visited Onyendu today at the base camp of the Branch of State Administrations (DSS) Abuja, to give him update on our applicable filings under the steady gaze of the High Court, as well as advised him on other appropriate lawful briefings.

During our conversation today, Onyendu uncovered halfway consistence with his normal medicine, however still not directed as therapeutically endorsed. However, Onyendu is as yet being denied admittance to his own Doctor.

Besides, Onyendu guided me to give the previous assertions:

1. That this crucial time requires the best meticulous among his devotees in light of the fact that the foes are determinedly taking advantage of the helpless, to support their the state of affairs, and further coercion the IPOB, capably drove by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, which is a quiet self-assurance development.

2. Onyendu has a hard position in judgment of wrongdoings and nonconformists, and repeated that he has never excused nor upheld culpability of any structure. Thus, the criminal components who are engaged with making lives terrible to our kin ought to be quickly fished out and managed in that capacity. They have no bearing in IPOB’s quiet self-assurance development.

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3. That the overall population and to be sure UmuChineke, ought to be advised in unmistaken terms that no one is getting any guidance from Onyendu to energize protesters’ ways of behaving and in like manner, disassociates himself from any person(s) who is naughtily taking care of general society with such obtrusive misrepresentation. Onyendu focused on that he has since disclosed his position, which position is obviously contained in a viral short clasp, kept during one of his appearances in Court.

4. Onyendu repeated his call for complete smoothness in the whole South-East district, and especially questioned the psychological condition of the individuals who are steadily taking up arms against his kin, the very individuals he had committed to secure and improve life for.

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5. Onyendu’s development was established on a tranquil bedrock, in consonance with the generally perceived freedoms of native individuals to self-assurance, as obviously embodied under the surviving regulations.

6. That the exercises of the nonconformists/raiders who take part in crimes, have additionally encouraged the murderous and undeveloped Nigerian security specialists, to release unfathomable fear on guiltless individuals of the South-East locale.

7. All in all, Onyendu reminds UmuChineke to take note of that the progressive milestone triumphs he as of late kept in different Courts of able locales against the Central Legislature of Nigeria (FGN), might not have gone down well with his weasels, including the FGN. Subsequently, he demands that all hands should be at hand to empower saner personalities to recognize the genuine foes in our middle, and those being utilized by the foundation to attempt to embroil or potentially coerce him.

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From each sign, almost certainly, a date will before long be doled out at the High Court of Nigeria for the knowing about Onyendu’s Allure against the Request remaining the execution of his judgment. We won’t hold back to illuminate UmuChineke, through the supported channel once a date is given.

Onyendu asked UmuChineke to keep up with greatest restriction, and never to neglect to focus on the primary motivation behind why he is presently going through abuse. Onyendu was especially really glad by the fresh insight about your tranquil lead and thus, urged you all to constantly keep your eyes ready as we as a whole can see the reason to have some hope.

Much obliged to all of you, Ezigbo UmuChineke and stay favored.

We move!


Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq. (KSC).

IPOB’s Lead Guidance

tenth November 2022

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