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Obasanjo: My letters are not for my own benefit.

Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president, has stated that the majority of the letters he wrote in the past were not written for his own benefit. He also stated that he did not know where he always found the courage to write letters to people in positions of authority to express his opinions on any topic.
This was made public by Obasanjo on Thursday in Abuja at the launch of Muskiliu Mojeed’s book “The Letterman:Inside the “Secret” Letters of Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria.
He admitted that he did an excellent job despite the fact that the Premium Times editor did not ask for his permission to write the book.
His words are:He didn’t ask for my permission to write this book, and until last Monday, when he gave me two copies, I had no idea he was writing a book.When I read the book, I was completely taken aback by the amount of work required to write it.
As a result, I was unable to decide what to do or not to do.First, he didn’t tell me before he wrote a book, but he did a fantastic job.This book was amazing for me.
In order to attend the book’s public presentation, the former president said he had to alter his schedule while in Ethiopia.
Obasanjo continued,I’ve forgotten a lot of things Muskiliu said, but he found them and shared them with me.I was in awe as I read some of the letters.
“The reason I don’t give interviews very often is that journalists, to me, are like a nagging wife who wants to have children for you.You must tolerate them because nothing has been done if it has not been reported.However, you need to be careful how you interact with them because they will bring things that will annoy you and ask questions that will make you want to stay away.However, Muskiliu has one advantage: because he has been interacting with me for a long time, he has developed tolerance for him, and I have developed tolerance for Muskiliu. As a result, we tolerate one another.
“Letter writing is very important to me, and I don’t think it’s outdated because you have to communicate, and how else do you communicate?If you have something to say, you’ll sit down in a comfortable setting, write it down, and then you’ll pass it on to the person you want to talk to.Furthermore, I see not a viable replacement for that

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“Letter composing is likewise a craftsmanship.In order to clearly, directly, and depending on what you want to put into it, convey what you really want to communicate, you need to choose your language with extreme care.However, in order to effectively and succinctly address the issue you want to address, your letter must be relevant, realistic, and purposeful.It should likewise endure for an extremely long period.”

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