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Obi: Laws are manipulated, people’s wills are crushed, and societies are destroyed.

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate for president in the presidential and national assembly elections on February 28th, has said that subverting the will of the people and tampering with the rule of law are powerful tools used to destroy societies.
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On the eve of the rescheduled Governorship and State Assembly Elections, which are scheduled to take place on Saturday, the Labour Party expressed its condemnation of the alleged attack on Assembly candidate Oworu in a letter to Nigerians.

In the letter named: ” Obi exhorted Nigerians not to let the Independent National Electoral Commission’s misconduct during the Presidential Elections on February 25th deter them from voting in the Governorship and State Assembly elections on Saturday. “A new Nigeria is again possible on the 18th of March,” he said.

“On the 25th of February 2023, millions of Nigerians from all walks of life, across generations and backgrounds, from Bornu to Lagos, Port Harcourt to Sokoto, Kano to Enugu, Taraba to Ondo voted strongly and resolutely to take back their country,” reads one portion of Obi’s letter.

“The Labour Party won their vote; They chose a new Nigeria in the vote! I will continue to express my deepest gratitude to all Nigerians for their sincere belief and commitment that we can create a New Nigeria. Indeed, it is attainable and has begun!

We traveled throughout Nigeria, our most blessed and beautiful nation, during the campaigns. We collaborated, tuned in and gained from you and was most lowered in huge numbers of youthful Nigerians who energetically contributed their assets, time and life to our call and interest for a Nigeria that works for all.

“We met genuine and patriotic Nigerians who eagerly volunteered and contributed anything they could to a New Nigeria. Their veritable and profound responsibilities were not in light of religion, clan, orientation, class or any of the opinions that partition us.

“It was founded on the sincere desire and conviction for a New Nigeria in which the freedoms and potentials of our greatly endowed nation, as well as the youth of Nigeria, will be supported in the creation of an inclusive, sustainable, expanding, and progressive nation.

“The general state of our dear country and economy is troubling, with rising poverty, insecurity, corruption, unemployment, and failing educational and health systems. Even more troubling is what INEC did to the WILL OF NIGERIANS on February 25.

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“It will only contribute to the worsening of the country, the people’s frustration, and our sad situation. We ask INEC to grant our legal and technical teams access to all the necessary materials and resources so that they can carry out their duties in court.

“The efforts to obtain justice for a New Nigeria should not be hampered by INEC!

We have learned from history that the deliberate tampering with the rule of law and the repression of the people’s will can lead to the gradual or sudden demise of a society.

“However, we are doubly inspired by the creativity, passion, patriotism, and unwavering optimism of Nigerians, particularly our youths, on the necessity and urgency of a New Nigeria, rather than dampening our spirits. It is a demand that has arrived.

“Please be assured that while we may be delayed, a New Nigeria Will Never be Denied!” “While we are all aware and can see the deliberate and unpatriotic efforts to stop our march to freedom, please be assured that we will never be denied!”

“I especially salute young Nigerians who braved the challenges, withstood all kinds of difficulties and other contrived obstacles to cast their votes and make their voices heard,” the letter continued.

It was very loud and obvious to Nigeria and the world! We get our inspiration from your dynamism, inventiveness, optimism, and enthusiasm for a new Nigeria.

“For instance, despite the odds, Yusuf Alabi stood with both of his hands fully extended in front of my moving car! That day, I was worn out, but in him I felt renewed energy.

“I saw hope, determination, love, and passion as he looked at me. My conviction that a New Nigeria is both necessary and urgent grew stronger. Please note that because I am his uncle, an Ibo Man, and a Christian, he did not stand so radically and boldly!

He stood because he is convinced that a new Nigeria that will improve his life is indeed possible in our company. The majority of Nigerians’ appeal and prayer must be realized and sustained in his desire.

“Like a great number of other Nigerians, he defied all odds and demonstrated to those who claimed we lacked a structure that our unity of purpose, courage, love, commitment, and resilience are the components for the most powerful structure in our country.

Because of this, our victories on February 25 must be repeated on March 18, 2023. Our victories are not just for Datti Baba-Ahmed and me; rather, they are for Nigeria and Nigerians, particularly young people who want a better future filled with limitless possibilities.

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“I’m particularly satisfied by the way that a large number of you were deciding in favor of the initial occasion when, you have exhibited without question your ability to shape your nation and its fate.

I applaud your determination, resilience, and bravery. On February 25, everyone, including numerous local and international observers, lamented the poor conduct of the Presidential Election.

“It is abundantly clear that it was purposefully carried out in gross violation of the agreed-upon rules and regulations. As was to be expected, the outcomes were incredibly manipulative in order to thwart and undermine the will of the people.

“To say that the elections fell far short of minimum acceptable standards of democratic practice and procedural integrity is being generous.

“Permit me to reiterate that our team is addressing all of these issues through all of the legal and peaceful channels that are available, and I continue to urge each of you to maintain your peace and observe the law.

“We are undaunted and remain resolutely committed to the fight for a New Nigeria because it is an idea whose time has come,” despite these setbacks. As a result, Datti Baba-Ahmed and I appeal to you, my dear brothers and sisters, to remember that March 18 is yet another day and an opportunity to establish a new Nigeria.

The LP candidate urged Nigerians, particularly his supporters, to vote in the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections with the same fervor and commitment they showed during the Presidential campaign.

He said that Nigerians who went to the polls on February 25 hoped for the birth of a new Nigeria, no matter what INEC said.

Obi stated, “They voted for brotherhood and a new and united Nigeria led by the Labour Party.” Please follow my example on March 18, 2023. Vote for a new group of leaders who are innovative, dedicated, and competent.

“That is the soul that prompted the development of Rishi Sunak as UK Head of the state; Sadiq Khan as London Mayor and numerous others, including former US President Barack Obama.

“The time has come to set up an administration that we will all take part in shaping, that will be responsible and profoundly dedicated to Another Nigeria, a Nigeria that is comprehensive and reasonably developing to serve all. That is the kind of government that we want in all of Nigeria’s states.

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He also used the letter to talk about the attacks on innocent traders, especially those from the South East and parts of the South West, especially Lagos, because of their political views. Agents of retrogression are to blame for the ethno-religious attacks on Nigerians.

Obi stated, “You will agree that over these years, the forces of retrogression have attacked it with weapons of division, violence, and prejudice every time the possibility of progress and a new Nigeria has arisen.”

The same thing is taking place right now. We must all unite to reject those who invoke tribal prejudice, hatred, and violence. Our politics should not be defined by the killing and attacking of people, burning of markets and properties, or the suppression of people from a portion of the country.

“We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in this struggle as well as for those who were attacked and injured. We pray that God will heal you all and strengthen you.

Our security agencies must ensure that all Nigerians are fully protected, regardless of political affiliation, and that the perpetrators are brought before the law.

“Like in other states, Nigerians from all tribes, religions, cultures, and backgrounds voted for the Labour Party and other parties in Lagos, for example. It is imperative that their desire to exercise this fundamental right once more on Saturday, March 18 be respected and protected.

The New Nigeria that we want is not based on class, tribe, religion, or culture. It is based on a nation that works for everyone and is inclusive.

“I say to those who did not vote for us in the Presidential election: “We do not hold any grudge against you.” We are fighting for you so that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren a nation and flag without blemishes where there will be peace, love, prosperity, and justice. Join us because we are one family—A Family of a Possible New Nigeria!

“We must no longer be a silent majority of those who believe in equity, justice, and fairness and in a better country. Not only is a new Nigeria possible, Nigeria will win and rise from the ashes because it is already being born! God bless you all as well as Nigeria’s Federal Republic.

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