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OPERATION THINK: “Enemies At The Your Gate”

In a real sense when you construct a boundary wall around your home or house, who do you keep at the entryway? Obviously a confided in Security staff.
Preceding 2015 general political race, Mazi Nnamdi, in large numbers of his transmissions on different Radio Biafra stages, cautioned Nigerians about the looming ethnoreligious hellfire that is going to immerse Nigeria. As a Prophet sent from Elohim, he proffered arrangement as a method of getaway from the dangerous time
Ethnic, Religious opinions, envy,selfishness conflict, desire ,voracity and competition didn’t permit Nigeria to do the needful.
President Mohammadu Buhari in the midst of the relentless killing in Benue State by Ful*ni herders , let Nigerians know that those answerable for the killing are outsiders.
Time to appropriately think.
1.Who welcomed outsiders into Nigeria?
2. Who declared Visa on appearance strategy?
3. Who reproved Nigerians to give their property of legacy over to this unfamiliar psychological oppressors or hazard being butchered?
4. Who proposed an eating bill for munching course, Cattle settlement , dairy cattle farms, Ruga and water assets bill to incline toward similar outsiders?
5. Who paid 100 Billion Naira to similar unfamiliar steers herders attacking our local area, assaulting and butchering our kin?
6. Who are individuals responsible for all the security mechanical assembly including the migration, customs, legal executive and the appointive body?
7. Who is liable for dispatching military faculty and military hard products in the tranquil South East while the whole North is paradise for fear based oppressors.
8. Who brought alluding to psychological oppressors as outlaws in any event, when they are bombarding military faculty and taking prisoners?
9. Who provided the request for the evacuation of military faculty near Kuje jail 24Hours before the assault on Kuje jail?
10. For what reason did Nigeria considers it fit to carry out a worldwide wrongdoing; extra legal version by stealing a political dissident Mazi Nnamdi Kanu while the decision secrecy are in the middle of giving honorary pathway gathering to affirmed fear based oppressors for the sake of contrite Boko Haram.
Arrangement When Nigeria crumbles through a quiet plebiscite or mandate, each native Community will make an impressive safeguard line to safeguard her own kin, those outsiders will have no choice than to leave as no where will be favorable for them.
In any case, as long as you keep on proclaiming one Nigeria with the foes responsible for your security and guard, you are done, its inevitable.

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