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ORJI UZOR KALU: “So You Later Came Here”…

SAHARANEWS – Orji Uzo kalu was given a task by the caliphates, he promised to deliver, he tried his best …..unfortunately he failed..

1) you must join Apc
2) you must induced Nnamdi kanu to drop his Biafra agitation
3) you must destroy IPOB..

Orji uzo kalu joined Apc
Orji uzo kalu visited Nnamdi kanu in kuje prison, he tried to lure Nnamdi kanu into huge bribing only if he will drop the biafra agitation and when Mazi Nnamdi kanu declined and advised him to go and join any IPOB family close to him..

When he failed in Mazi Nnamdi kanu, he quickly run to Mazi Nnamdi kanu family, he met with Mazi Nnamdi kanu parents, he promised them a whopping sum of fifty billion naira, a house of their choice in Dubai and a connection to the presidency only if they will convince their son to drop the biafra agitation, but surprisingly to him, Mazi Nnamdi kanu parents told him that they can not decide for their son, that whatever their son want in life that they will support him.

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On behalf of Mazi Nnamdi kanu’s family, prince kanu meme the junior brother of Mazi Nnamdi kanu told orji uzo kalu that biafra restoration is not for sale, meanwhile by then , Nnamdi kanu was still in kuje prison…..ouk left the family very disappointed..

When ouk left umuahia, he quickly ran to london Uk where he met with ipob DOS barrister emma Nmezu, he induced him along with Clifford iroanya and so many other ipob heads excluding uche mefor with money….And that was when we witnessed the highest internal wrangling that almost destroyed IPOB sometime around 2016..

After he had failed in all these attempts to either buy mazi Nnamdi kanu or destroy IPOB, his next plot was to eliminate Mazi Nnamdi kanu and uche mefor. Sometime ago uche mefor nearly died via food poison, they poisoned him via one of his close associate but luckily for us and unfortunately for them uche mefor survived..

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Before the commencement of operation python dance, ouk claimed he traveled abroad but immediately after the invasion of Mazi nnamdi kanu home, ouk quickly run back home to umuahia hoping to see Mazi Nnamdi kanu’s corpse. When he didnt see it , he started asking those around about the way about of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, he searched in all the hotels around the vicinity claiming he cares for Mazi Nnamdi kanu but he was totally disappointed..

Remember that ouk was the first to make claims that Mazi Nnamdi kanu was in Malaysia? After he failed in all his bid to carry out the assignment given to him by the caliphate, that was when the caliphates started to plan how to bring him down and all these while he was given this assignment his fraud case was suspended in court, waiting for the outcome of the assignment given to him.

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His case in the court was used as a bait , its either you succeed in carrying out the assignment and we kill your case or if you fail you will go inn for it, thats why orji did his best to destroy nnamdi kanu and IPOB..

My people this is the travail of mr orji uzo kalu , he who fetched an insect infected firewood must be prepared for all kinds of lizards.

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