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‘Owners’ of Nigeria, let my people breathe

Yahoo! Tomorrow, Nigeria will be 62! This season in 1960, the English extremely tight grip of bondage was destroyed. Today all over the country is a cheery festival packed with trust. The hardships blockading the country stay endless. What tortures Nigerians today are the kickbacks of the awful arrangement between the English and Nigerians they handpicked pre-autonomy as “proprietors” of Nigeria who won’t allow my kin to relax. Consistently, Nigeria becomes older however doesn’t grow up. We are joined together however solidarity is a long way from numerous hearts. We face huge battles in all shapes and on all fronts. A considerable lot of the components that make up this nation are as yet grabbing through pages of history books to find the defense for why Ruler Lugard amalgamated a group who can’t completely agree. The last 100 years of the association has been wild. The marriage doesn’t appear to seem OK any more to a lot. Reality, in any case, is that behind our many struggles are the activities and inactions of “proprietors” of Nigeria who won’t allow my kin to relax.

In their diurnal get-togethers, these “proprietors” of Nigeria figure out who holds which explicit hammer of power and controls how much. In their nighttime parties, they position people of fiendish like-personalities. They reuse their kind in the purlieu of force and hold the country by the throat. Because of the evil, retrogression and backwardness become the piece of the general population. Who genuinely are these individuals who could let Nigeria and Nigerians relax? Whom are these fellas with their knees on our neck as the prosperous and enriched country battles to suck in breath of life? They are living and breathing human strolling evil spirits. They release agonies unlimited on individuals. This composition isn’t tied in with naming names; a few names promptly creep to mind. We know a significant number of them while their representatives work from melancholy dim spaces obliterating the excellence of our space, destroying our economy, devastating individuals and conveying religion and nationality to make a sumptuous lacuna that assists them with executing their propensities for cornering our district. No ideological group gets power with the exception of the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria give a gesture. No man becomes president with the exception of they consent a yes endorsement. These ‘proprietors’ welcome just torture and torment on individuals and glorification for themselves. They are behind Nigeria’s fast drop into Abaddon.

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Stroll down with me to where Nigeria used to be and swagger alongside me to where we are today as we celebrate 62 years of opportunity that exists just on paper. During the 1980s, the US dollar sold for a simple 0.78k. Today, $1 floats around N700. Some time ago, Nigeria was a net exporter of refined oil based commodities. Starting today, imports presently represent more than 80% of Nigeria’s refined item supply, making an immense potential for neighborhood refining. Peugeot vehicles were once assembled in Kaduna, Volkswagen vehicles in Lagos, Leyland in Ibadan, and ANAMCO in Enugu. Together, these goliath structures overwhelmed the market with privately gathered vehicles, transports and trucks. What has been going on with us? Nigeria Aviation routes was about the greatest in Africa around then as Nigerians traveled all over the planet in the enormous bird. Eagerness and greedy molded and allowed by ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria grounded the huge bird and we are don’t know whether it will at any point fly.

There isn’t anything Nigerians can’t do provided that the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria let them. We heard that our nearby car gathering, Innoson Engines, provided 80% of the jeeps that the Nigerian Armed force’s been utilizing throughout the course of recent years. How long will Innoson stay above water without the interruptive brigandage of the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria? The Innoson confirmation certifies the way that if by some stroke of good luck ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria will allow Nigerians to inhale, there’s nothing Nigerians can’t accomplish for Nigeria. I saw the image of the authority vehicle of the Anambra State Lead representative, Charles Soludo. It was not made in America, not set up in Japan and not made anyplace in Europe. Be that as it may, it was made by Innoson Engines in Anambra State, Nigeria. There isn’t anything Nigerians can’t accomplish for Nigeria on the off chance that the framework allows them to relax!

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Nigerians leave Nigeria by the thousand as a result of the extremely unpleasant climate made by the mischief and knavery of ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria in each space of Nigerian life. In practically all countries of the world, you will find Nigerians who are giving their cerebrums something to do for different countries. Quite recently, a Houston emergency clinic saw a small bunch of Nigerian specialists effectively isolating 10-month-old conjoined twins in a 26-hour medical procedure that caused disturbances in America and the clinical world. The 12-man clinical group contained Teacher Oluyinka Olutoye, his anesthesiologist spouse, Dr Toyin, and one Dr Mrs Oluyemisi Adeyemi-Fowode, a pediatric gynecology individual in the medical clinic. A Nigerian specialist, Jude Igwemezie, who lives in Canada was dispatched by the Iraqi government to plan and develop a $500m Iraqi rail framework. The undertaking incorporates the development of what is portrayed as a practical rail transportation network for the city of Najaf. Men who construct streets, passages and scaffolds for different countries have been pursued away from their country by the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria. Jelani Aliyu from Sokoto State is the capable psyche behind the plan of the Chevrolet Volt vehicle, one of the most respected American determinations worldwide. Aliyu is a Senior Imaginative Creator with General Engines in Detroit. This Nigerian just left a mark on the world.

Upon the obstinately trustworthy and expansive shoulders of Nigerians rest the present and fate of numerous countries. This is the tale of Nigeria. Youthful and old are doing extraordinary adventures in their vocations and dispersed all over significant urban communities from one side of the planet to the other. Leaders of far off countries depend on them; so do legislative heads of states. Extravagant organizations want them and little impending organizations don’t overlook them. These people come from every ethnic foundation and their hearts gasp for Nigeria; a country favored with well endowed individuals. These are the cerebrums that the misbehaviours of ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria have driven out of the country. Nigerians won’t ever inhale simple until these evil presences pass on. For the time being, Nigerians are stuck until they unstuck themselves. In the event that Nigerians don’t set forceful expectations for independence from the hands of their oppressors and abusers, ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria will keep on claiming Nigeria and subjugate freeborn Nigerians.

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Yet, I rope my expectation around a great many others, from one side of the planet to the other, that the greatest days for Nigeria are relatively close out. We keep on dreaming that tomorrow will be more prominent than today and yesterday. As we praise this specific year, I sense that something surprising is going to happen to, and for, Nigeria. I sense a tranquil upheaval of sorts at the surveying stall. I sense a making it lights-out time of those ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria who have destroyed Nigeria delicately. I reverberation the voices of numerous who trust that this new year starts the finish of hopelessness and wreck in Nigeria. I accept that another season is around the bend when another Nigeria will be introduced. Individuals are more than the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria. Nigerians are more impressive than these ghost powers who consider Nigeria to be a ranch of slaves. The voice of individuals will be heard whether the ‘proprietors’ of Nigeria like it or not. The Nigerian climate will never again support the state of affairs of jaw spasming’s woeful wreck. I sense a change. I sense a pleasant fragrance. Around this time one year from now, I sense a new and reviving Nigeria. Thus, help us God.

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