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Peter Obi not our member, stop linking him to us – IPOB warns Kwankwaso

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Tuesday, advised the official competitor of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso, against connecting its battle with the official desire of the Labor Party’s Peter Obi.
IPOB said Obi isn’t one of its individuals and has never upheld the fomentation for self-assurance; subsequently Kwankwaso ought to cease from such associations.
Emma Powerful, the representative of IPOB, said the gathering isn’t keen on the course of Nigerian races.
An assertion by Powerful peruses: “The worldwide group of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), under the order and initiative of our extraordinary chief, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to educate the previous Governor with respect to Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwoso not to include IPOB in the determination cycle they call a political race in Nigeria.
“The Nigerian legislators by and large and Kwankwaso, specifically, ought to halt from connecting IPOB with Peter Obi’s political aspiration and mission. Peter Obi isn’t an IPOB part, and never upheld our disturbance for opportunity whenever on the grounds that he seeks after a very surprising objective from that of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). We care very little about the Nigerian ethically wanton and phenomenally degenerate political framework and scene.
“Assuming Kwankwaso is compromised by the Labor party and Peter Obi’s abounding help by the innovative and gifted however oppressed, disregarded, hoodwinked, denied, killed (Endsars) Nigerian young people from even the North which your age has no sincere goals for, then, at that point, he ought to proceed and settle his disparities and quit connecting IPOB to their concern.
“IPOB isn’t keen on the useless governmental issues you play in Nigeria, we don’t respect such sunshine burglary, extortion, control and choice as political race. Perhaps there is something Kwankwaso isn’t telling the world. Rather than saying reality that since he is Fulani with the (destined to lead mindset), he can’t take on a supporting role to a Southern Christian official up-and-comer, he has the nerve to connect our blessed freedom development with the bold dinky waters of the Zoo governmental issues.
“IPOB isn’t worried about the influxes of this political decision; we have never requested nor said anything in spite of our objective and request. What we want is a mandate, and a mandate we should have. There are no center ways for us as a group, taking everything into account. There is, thusly, nothing anyone can do to change our determination towards our expressed objective, which is the rebuilding of Biafra.
“In the event that there is a locale to keep away from because of guiltiness with Terrorism, it is Northern Nigeria which supports a few fear based oppressor bunches as joint endeavor accomplices and reuses them in the military and services, you ought to feel non – Northerners’ heartbeats when they defenselessly follow alongside you all to find out the responsiveness of their disturbances and beating of hearts in quiet supplications for security.”
Strong emphasized IPOB’s fomentation for a mandate in the Southeast as specified by the United Nations, UN.
“Peter Obi isn’t an individual from IPOB and he is neither unsettling or on the side of our Self Determination battle. Why partner him with IPOB’s battle for opportunity. IPOB doesn’t have any idea who Peter Obi is going by our biodata bank. Our interest is our basic freedoms to self-assurance and this we look for through a generally perceived and acknowledged political cycle called *REFERENDUM* as specified by the United Nations Charter.
“IPOB wish to utilize this medium and chance to caution each lawmaker in Nigeria to cease from connecting IPOB with their governmental issues and determination process since we are not legislators and have no normal interest. We are political dissidents,” he added.

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