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Petition against Defamation of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the Style of the Nazis

I go by Nathaniel Okwunzuzo. I am one of the millions of Biafrans that Dr. Ivan Sheehan wants to destroy, along with the government of Nigeria, the University of Baltimore, and the Washington Times Newspaper. Washington Times published a defamatory article in which he pleaded with the US State Department to declare the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), which includes all Biafrans worldwide, a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). This would stifle our ability to freely interact with other IP

Because I was born Biafran and want to be independent from a British system that is absolutely fatal to the survival, human rights, and well-being of Biafrans all over the world, Dr. Sheehan and his coconspirators will be labeled a “terrorist” or one of its many connotations if they succeed. A country that depends exclusively on terrorizing, destruction, and illegal intimidation rather than discourse to propagate the likeness of a country.

This petition deserves to be heard because:

Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan, a professor of international affairs, wrote an article titled “U.S. ignores small African terrorist group IPOB at its peril” that was published in the Washington Times on October 4, 2021. The purpose of the article was to deceive both policymakers and the general public into thinking that the “State Department needs to designate Indigenous People of Biafra as a foreign terrorist organization” and that “tagging the group with a terror label would hit IP

To cover up his defamation, Dr. Sheehan took over as executive director of the University of Baltimore’s School of public and international affairs.

Nobody would bother to dignify Dr. Sheehan’s impulse with a response if it were not identical to the murderous Nazi manifesto of mass criminalization and the subsequent Holocaust of Jews, as well as the insanely bloodthirsty and terrorist impulse of Nigeria’s Fulani-led government.

However, Dr. Sheehan must be held accountable for his libelous statements because the current Nigerian president, like the Nazis, participated in the British-led genocide of 3.5 to 5 million Biafrans but continues to be adamant in his quest to Islamize the genocide survivors and their children.

We are compelled to seek compensation not only due to the fact that Mr. Sheehan has denigrated and stigmatized Nigerians who are besieged and facing existential threats; not only because he is working with a foreign government that has a lot of money to kill fellow Americans who are also Biafrans, but also because the world today has seen the horrific killing of Jews as a result of such horrifying racist propaganda that both international and domestic laws have punished acts that are planned to hurt racial and ethnic groups.

National and international law recognize the dangers of inciting racial hatred or defaming specific ethnic groups, but there is no safety net for those who wish to hide behind freedom of speech. According to Article 4 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, “group defamation” violates the freedom of expression in a way that is not intrinsic to it.

The Nazis used racial and ethnic stigmatization to persuade the public to accept the mass imprisonment and murder of Jews as necessary. This is a well-known fact. Before the Nazi party arrived and brought it to a logical end, such stereotypes had persisted for generations. Therefore, defamatory stereotypes that go unchallenged have the potential to decimate an indigenous group.

Additionally, such defamatory propaganda is a staple of the Nigerian media echo chamber, which has almost successfully pathologized the entire society through persistent gaslighting while killing indigenous Biafrans, Christians, and other Nigerians.

The masses are manipulated inanely, pitted against one another, and unable to hold their leaders accountable as a result of the government media bureaucracy’s relentless assault on the truth. Thus, lies dampen the natural disgust that should be elicited by atrocities like the army’s regular use of force to kill peaceful protesters.

For instance, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader, was previously detained in 2015; One month prior to his scheduled October 14, 2017, trial for “treason,” the Nigerian army suddenly invaded his family compound with armored tanks and warplanes on a mission code-named “Operation Python Dance.”

Twenty-eight of Kanu’s relatives and friends were killed as a result. Because of the trauma they experienced during the invasion, his parents passed away later. Kanu went into exile after narrowly avoiding death.

The Nigerian media flooded the airwaves with claims that Kanu had “jumped bail,” rather than reporting this. There was never any public discussion of the assassination attempt against him. Soon, everyone agreed that he had “jumped bail!” To this day, the BBC and other global networks continue to spread this lie.

On March 28, 2019, the trial judge arbitrarily revoked Kanu’s bail and issued a bench warrant for his [re]arrest.

On the other hand, when any American citizen is unlawfully killed, the general public naturally reacts and demands that the perpetrators be held accountable. While the butcher of many Nigerians in a single singular motion is the same old thing in the public eye, with negligible ability to consider anybody responsible.

However, given that Dr. Sheehan is the most recent spokesperson for the Nigerian government’s international policy of stifling foreign governments, agents, non-governmental organizations, and businesses in order to conceal not only her ongoing Jihad but also her extensive record of human rights abuses; However, it is incumbent upon the relevant authorities to hold Dr. Sheehan et al. accountable for lobbying for more advanced military weapons under the guise of fighting Boko Haram and ignoring all protests as she uses such weapons to slaughter and strip indigenous Nigerians of their heritages. liable.

Dr. Sheehan malevolently marks the Native Nation of Biafra (IPOB) “[a] rough secessionist bunch… ” which the US State Division should long to have proclaimed an Unfamiliar Psychological militant Association (FTO) “regardless of rehashed supplications to do as such by longstanding U.S. partner Nigeria, where IPOB is based and completes its lethal exercises.”

Two things stand out: Before he was coerced into writing the sensational piece, Dr. Sheehan had no prior knowledge of Fulani or IPOB. Second, he uses his position as executive director of the University of Baltimore’s School of public and international affairs as a form of prostitution.

Dr. Sheehan would cover a national newspaper page in lies and propaganda typical of the Nazi regime for the appropriate price. Additionally, the Washington Times publishes it in complete disregard for the facts, as if intoxicated by Nigeria’s blood money.

It is verifiable that the native individuals of Biafra are the biggest and the most tranquil mass development in the contemporary world. Dr. Sheehan asserts that if IPOB were, in fact, terrorists, the British government would have long rounded them up due to her unwavering hatred of the concept of a free Biafra.

Only the Nigerian terrorist government stamps IPOB “terrorists” in an effort to kill them. The rest of the world in which they live can attest to their demeanor.

IPOB is not a group with a local presence. Its headquarters are in Langenfeld, Germany, and its parent station is in London, UK. It is known for peaceful demonstrations to agitate for true independence from British Nigeria through a referendum, and it operates peacefully and legally in over 100 countries. It is sufficient to state that the Indigenous People of Biafra include all Biafrans residing within and outside of Nigeria.

However, as Nigeria, posing as Dr. Sheehan et al., boasts to sink her ridiculous paws into IPOB funds through idiotic creations, we should expose them.

Sheehan asserts that IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu “feels no need to even disguise his support of terrorism.” Nnamdi Kanu serves as the de facto leader and director of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Radio Biafra, and Biafra TV, as well as a great number of Biafrans all over the world who are seeking their freedom. His leadership is recognized by many non-Biafrans.

Mr. Kanu traveled freely throughout the world in pursuit of Biafra’s independence from British Nigeria before being unlawfully detained and renditioned by Nigerian agents. He realizes that British Nigeria’s colonial adventurism does not foretell peace but rather genocide of indigenous peoples and religions who were compelled to become criminals.

Kanu uses radio and social media to educate, interact with, inform, and organize the beleaguered Biafran people at home and in the diaspora—in over 100 countries—about the progressive genocide of Biafrans and all Christians by British-Nigeria and their partners in crime, including Britain, the BBC, the United Nations, the US State Department, multinational oil cartels, and their numerous proxy terrorist organizations, including, but not limited to:

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“Boko Haram, Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP), Al-Qaida of the Maghreb, Fulani Herdsmen, Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM), Foreign Jihadi Fulani terrorists (also known as Bandits), and Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN)—of which President Buhari is their Grand Patron, a Fulani herdsman, a war criminal, a coup plotter, an ex-sold

The Fulani tribe makes up the majority of all of the aforementioned terrorist organizations. These are facts, and they are not meant to be negative stereotypes. We don’t think that all Fulani people are terrorists or suggest that they are.

Dr. Sheehan’s feelings are similar to those of Nigeria’s murderous and grossly incompetent president. In the form of “Brown-Paper scholarship,” the Nigerian “Brown-paper journalism” syndrome has established itself at the University of Baltimore.

A journalist who willfully accepts cash wrapped in brown paper bags to whitewash, fabricate, or kill stories they don’t like is known as a “Brown-paper-bag journalist” in Nigeria.

Dr. Sheehan expresses, “The December disclosure of IPOB’s serious areas of strength for 50,000 paramilitary wing, the Eastern Security Organization (ESN), complete with an Insignia style banner, denoted the finish to all misrepresentations of being a quiet development.”

Sincerely, how does Dr. Sheehan manage to flip reality on its head? His baseless rant amounts to referring to Holocaust survivors as Nazis. It is undisputed that Biafrans are hounded and marginalized. This is acknowledged by prominent figures from every region of Nigeria. Accepting any statements made by the perpetrators or those who helped them is, on the other hand, equivalent to taking snake poison to improve vision.

The only question Dr. Sheehan declined to answer is: Why has terrorism increased since Buhari assumed office? Only Boko Haram was active when he took office, but there are now six known terrorist groups, including a legion of foreign Fulani Jihadist herders and bandits who the current regime imported to violently wrest power before the 2015 election.

The foreign Fulani Jihadist herdsmen that Fulani leaders imported to unseat him were rendered useless when former President Goodluck Jonathan resigned to put an end to the tension. Equipped with tons of weaponry with no one to kill, they immediately shifted gear to the annihilation of Northern Christians, a significant number of whom are of Igbo (Biafran) extraction, and the native non-Fulani populaces of the north.

“The Nigerian Government is allowed by the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen to bear and possess modern assault rifles like AK-47s, while the same Government police and army arrests and prosecutes farmers found in possession of ancient ‘hunters’ guns,” states the 2020 Genocide Watch report.

As far as concerns her, the Fulani-drove government twists every one of the assaults and the quantity of setbacks to puzzle the world that ranchers and herders are conflicting and proliferating that a significant number of the losses are Muslims to cover the continuous Islamic jihad.

It is common knowledge that the northern borders are wide open to foreign Fulani wanderers from Africa, particularly the Sahel, who can enter the local forests and carry out unprovoked pogroms there.

Additionally, the Fulani regime used the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 to transport deadly Jihadist Fulani herdsmen to the nation’s neighboring forests.

To comprehend the extent of Dr. Sheehan’s ill will, collusion, and defamation, one needs these background details.

With the government’s tacit support, they are now freely cavorting throughout the colony and killing non-Fulani residents.

Is it any wonder that the government does not respond to any requests from state governors or other high-ranking politicians to correctly label this horde of armed Jihadist Fulani herdsmen, who are erroneously referred to as “bandits” because of the extent of their ethnic cleansing operations, as terrorists?

To be clear, they are “bandits,” but beneath the term is something more sinister. At the point when you have a bunch of government-supported outsiders marching into your timberlands, using refined military rifles, and threatening a tremendous populace of Nigeria, then, at that point, what you have is an all out fear based oppressor jihad.

Allow me to deviate; Mohammadu Buhari, like the Arab Janjaweed of Sudan, who led to the Darfur genocide in western Sudan under Omar Al Bashir, is using, among other strategies, cattle to infiltrate every corner of Nigeria.

A 77-page report by Common freedoms Watch in 2004 named “Darfur Obliterated: “There can be no doubt about the Sudanese government’s culpability in crimes against humanity in Darfur,” as Nigeria did, was the conclusion of the study “Ethnic Cleansing by Government and Militia Forces in Western Sudan.”

The Janjaweed warriors are said to be well-known for committing genocidal rape and ethnic cleansing of women and children. “In Darfur, we see whole populations displaced, and their homes destroyed, while rape is used as a deliberate strategy,” the late UN secretary general Kofi Annan stated.

Is this different from what’s been going on in Nigeria but hasn’t been reported to the outside world?

According to a Human Rights Watch report from 2021 on Nigeria, “[there has been] widespread sexual violence against women and girls, including an attack that led to the death of a student in May, spurred a national outcry and prompted the authorities to declare a national emergency over rape and sexual violence.” This statement is consistent with the preceding information.

“Buhari is quietly receiving more arms from those who invaded Libya for “humanitarian reasons,” even as Al Bashir Omar is facing the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The bottom line, without going too far, is that the same Janjaweed militia that is now freely roaming around Nigeria is responsible for all of the events that took place before the Darfur genocide.

Like Darfur, Nigeria has Inside Dislodged People (IDP) and Evacuee camps with comparable foundation stories. The only difference is that Nigeria lies to itself and the entire world to cover up its terrorism. In addition, in order to protect their “economic interests,” her neocolonial beneficiaries shield the criminal device from accountability.

“The British-Nigerian Army, Police, Navy, Airforce, Customs, Ports Authority, Border Patrol, Senate, EFCC, NNPC, DSS, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Attorney General, and Minister of Justice, as well as almost every other strategic and security parastatal, have all been hijacked and are now controlled by Muslims, the majority of whom are Fulani. This makes all of these things possible.

On account of the Fulani-bound government, psychological oppression and grabbing are flourishing enterprises in English Nigeria. As the Jihadist Fulani herdsmen slaughter, pillage, and set entire communities ablaze, there is virtually no evidence that the police intervened, interrupted, or interacted with them.

For instance, the pogroms in Agatu, Enugu, and Nimbo were carried out without incident and without the interference of the so-called security forces;

Additionally, Onitsha, Aba, Mkpo, Obigbo, Orlu, and Asaba slaughters show English Nigerian powers attacking regular folks like Fulani herders fear mongers and Boko Haram.

The majority of these are non-justiceable for the victims: There have been no official investigations, arrests, explanations, courts, or statements from the president.

The wandering terrorists, also known as bandits, who are brainwashed by their importers into believing that Nigeria belongs to them, based on the wishes of their Jihadist forefathers and fueled by the economic interests of their puppeteers, have not been detained, tried, or deported for their acts of terrorism or banditry. There is very little evidence that they have been deported.

In addition, the Nigerian media echo chamber is coerced into reporting the incessant attacks and invasions of Nigeria’s indigenous people as terrorist acts. And most importantly, “to cease pointing fingers.”

After killing dozens of people, the so-called “captured” Boko Haram terrorists are quickly declared “repentant,” “forgiven,” “rehabilitated,” and reintegrated into society. Many of them have broken into the police and army. Is it any wonder that the army, police, Boko Haram, and Jihadist Fulani herdsmen raids are all the same?

The term “Unknown Gunmen” is used to describe a violent group that engages in flagrant terrorist activities like high-profile killings and is widely believed to be secret government killers. The “unknown gunmen” are removing prominent government critics, youth leaders, and high-ranking political figures who are insignificant to the IPOB movement. Therefore, they falsely and without evidence label the “Unknown Gunmen” operations on IPOB and ESN for convenience.

As a result, Jihadist Fulani terrorists have long been present in the Nigerian army and police, making them difficult to distinguish from them.

However, the government swiftly pursues the victims for carrying “illegal arms” and “causing insecurity” as soon as the victims dare to defend themselves.

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In other words, in accordance with Dr. Sheehan’s insinuations, individuals who organize their communities to defend themselves against the marauding Fulani Herdsmen terrorists, such as Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho—who also agitate for a separate Yoruba Nation and organize his people to repel Fulani bandits who are terrorizing Yorubaland from nearby forests—are demonized, executed without due process, falsely labeled terrorists

Therefore, Nnamdi Kanu established the Eastern Security Network (ESN) as a result of the widespread killing of Christians, the absence of security forces during Jihadist Fulani herdsmen raids, the systematic destruction of indigenous farms with cattle, the raping and slaughtering of farmers, roadblocks to separate travelers according to their religion before killing, the burning of more than 2000 churches, the slaughtering of more than 100,000 innocent citizens, the displacement of more than 6 million victims, and the rampant midnight massacres by

The ESN arrived a little too late because Nigerian forces and Jihadist Fulani terrorists have brutally murdered tens of thousands of innocent Biafrans, creating widespread fear. However, since no one else cared to protect them whenever Jihadist Fulani herdsmen struck, many farmers in the southeast are gradually returning to their farms and are enthusiastically supporting ESN.

Soon after the Lekki Cost Entryway slaughter of EndSARS dissenters in October 2020, the Nigerian powers went house to house in quiet networks of Obigbo (Oyigbo), Waterways State, stealing, killing, and vanishing something like 300 honest Igbo adolescents blamed without proof for taking part in the EndSARS clashes. There are numerous accounts, with victims ranging from 100 to 500.

The EndSARS movement is a series of national and international demonstrations to expose and end Nigeria’s criminality and police brutality. The rallying cry or clarion call to end the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police, which is notorious for widespread violations of human rights, armed robberies, kidnapping, and extrajudicial killings, as well as to protest Nigeria’s tyrannical government, is the slogan.

In any case, as per the Worldwide Society for Common Freedoms and Law and order, whose autonomous examinations authenticates the Exceptional Times Extraordinary Analytical report on the Obigbo slaughter, “more than 60 unprotected residents for the most part having a place with Igbo Ethnic Identity were shot and killed by troopers of the vigorously Muslim ruled Nigerian Armed force and that somewhere in the range of 90 and 100 others were shot and dangerous harmed. Between 200 and 300 individuals are still being held captive in secret or undisclosed military facilities both inside and outside of Rivers State, despite the fact that scores of them have vanished forever.

Obigbo is just one of many Gestapo operations like this in the southeast, by the way.

The reports are available here: Intersociety:

Nigerian forces repeatedly massacre, kidnap, and imprison thousands of peaceful IPOB protesters without giving them a trial. However, when confronted, bizarre pathological denials and lies occur. But no reasonable person would believe their fairy tales right after they kill people.

Most importantly, Nigerian forces murder innocent civilians based on the belief that only they and their band of terrorists should be allowed to kill, until ESN Security made the decision to test their theory. Now you understand why the terrorists call ESN “terrorists.” to frighten the weak and rouse people like Dr. Sheehan!

The extrajudicial killings and violations of human rights in Nigeria are known to Amnesty International, the United Nations, and numerous human rights advocates, including the US State Department, which repeatedly ignores Nigeria’s crimes against humanity and is extremely hostile to the plight of Biafra. Dr. Sheehan and his cohorts should not be defending Fulani and Nigerian soldier murders that are all over the internet.

“[enforcing] a sit-at-home day every Monday, intended to economically cripple the region, through acts like the torching of passenger buses,” Dr. Sheehan falsely alleges IPOB.

IPOB has finished the intermittent sit-at-home dissent and surrendered it to people. In spite of the fact that, as required, it pronounces specific days as such in fortitude with Nnamdi Kanu, who was criminally renditioned and tormented in Kenya in transit from London, UK, and flown blindfolded to Nigeria, kept and having to deal with exaggerated penalties in the fake court.

However, as the preceding account demonstrates, the sit-at-home protest was not spontaneous.

The idea of staying at home was adopted to lessen the bloodbaths that follow harmless, peaceful IPOB protesters since Buhari became president due to the threat of killing protesters and the mind-boggling silence of the world’s powers.

The effect on the economy is merely incidental to that choice. The alternative is to exercise the right to protest and run the risk of having Nigerian forces use weapons obtained from foreign governments to attack innocent young people who are longing for freedom.

Social media shows a lot of IPOB groups demonstrating in Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Israel, and every other country that doesn’t have molestation except Nigeria.

Why don’t the leaders of the so-called “FREE WORLD” speak out against the genocide of over sixty million indigenous people who want freedom? The Fulani terrorist government trumpets the genocidal war that took place between 1967 and 1970 when Biafrans demand a referendum to choose who they want to be and where they want to belong since Nigeria kills them.

Sixty-one years later, neo-colonization, marginalization, injustice, economic blockade, and terrorism continue to bind Biafra.

The majority of Biafrans agree wholeheartedly with Nnamdi Kanu, despite his flaws. Nigeria cannot be endured, is unsustainable, and cannot be saved. It gives Fulani unhindered admittance to kill guiltless Christians and serve unfamiliar interests to the detriment of the Native people groups. There is no moral justification or legitimacy for it. It is an English domain dependent on looting, mass killing, and mass graves.

More than 30,000 unarmed Biafran protesters have already been killed by Nigerian government forces for exercising their legitimate national and international rights to association, speech, and self-determination.

As can be seen from the preceding, the security forces, forest-dwelling Jihadist Fulani predators, and Jihadist Fulani herdsmen were on a rampage, shedding blood and terrorizing the southeastern region and the rest of the country in impunity, prompting the formation of the ESN, which Dr. Sheehan misidentifies as IPOB.

Therefore, contrary to Dr. Sheehan’s malicious claim, ESN is not a terrorist organization. By purchasing individuals like Dr. Sheehan with funds derived from Biafra’s oil and gas fields, the Nigerian Fulani terrorist president merely seeks to further marginalize Biafrans in the West and the rest of the world.

While al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorists besiege the northern Christians, the Islamic fundamentalist president has deployed a sizeable portion of the army that should be fighting real terrorists to the southeast to foment conflict and “shoot-at-sight” Biafran youths and tag them ESN or IPOB as if they were terrorists in his morbid fear and pillage-driven hatred of the Igbos.

ESN lives up to its name, which stands for Eastern Security Network. Only insane killers attempt to prevent victims from defending themselves. According to the international human rights conventions, the rights to life and self-defense are not crimes. These rights are unalienable!

While Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram, the second and fourth deadliest terrorist groups in the world, are in constant dialogue with the Nigerian government, resulting in their exponential growth and the miraculous repentance and forgiveness of thousands of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists, ESN members are subject to a continuous “Shoot-at-Sight” order from the president and are harassed for daring to provide security in the southeast.

Dr. Sheehan, like the “brown-paper-bag journalists” of Nigeria, refers to the attempt by Nnamdi Kanu to expose and resist the legion of forest Jihadi Fulani Herdsmen in collaboration with the terror-infested army and police as “terrorism.”

Nigeria banned Twitter because it has no control over the platform, furthering her national and foreign policy of “brown-paper journalism” and whitewashing schemes. However, not before President Buhari’s record was suspended for “disregarding [Twitter] people group rules.” The Twitter disaster took place in the midst of President Mohammadu Buhari’s tweet on June 1, 2020, in which he made genocidal threats against the masses of IPOB, whom he falsely referred to as “insurrectionists,” and warned that they were in for a “rude shock.”

President Buhari wrote in a tweet that “many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War.” He added that “those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand.”

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The deception goes on… “Since [2021], violent IPOB attacks on security personnel and civilians have increased by an alarming 59%; deaths by 344 percent

How did Dr. Sheehan arrive at these numbers, despite the fact that they are false and meaningless? Recall that he is the chief overseer of the School of Public and Foreign relations at the College of Baltimore!

If this were not printed, no one would believe it came from such an important institution.

In addition, he asserts that “more than 20 attacks were carried out in the first three months of this year alone” and that “in one recent attack on a Fulani community, six young children were butchered with machetes – one was burned alive.” Mass graves were used to dispose of their bodies.

Furthermore, “most of [IPOB] violence is directed toward the Fulani people, a nomadic tribe of herders who roam across West Africa, in addition to attacks on the state.”

In this irking incongruity and elaborate creation, Dr. Sheehan intentionally extends the regular uncouth demonstrations of Fulani fear mongers and Nigerian military on IPOB to bewilder the artless and rouse scorn of Biafrans. Sheehan is aware that the Fulani are not a harmless group of wanderers.

As a result, he needs to be prepared to reveal to the general public the identities of the victims, the location of the mass grave, and evidence that IPOB was responsible for the alleged attacks.

The Fulani vagabonds are known across West Africa for their unending hot bash of viciousness, the hostility of assaulting underaged young ladies, consuming places of worship, slaughtering Christians, butchering kids and children, eviscerating pregnant ladies out so everyone can see, obliterating ranch crops with steers, and severed appendages or executing their casualties with blades.

There are numerous Fulani riots. Because they take place simultaneously in every region and on every day of the year, no one will ever be able to fully document the atrocities committed by Fulani and the Nigerian government. Most Nigerians have become numb to the rampancy of silly passings.

For a glimpse, search for “Fulani massacres in Nigeria,” “images of Fulani killings in Nigeria,” and “list of killings in Nigeria” on Google. However, be wary of graphic images.

As it seeks to whitewash and cleanse the internet of her blood rivers, the Nigerian government has been sabotaging the international community, technology industry, and social media with the threat of brown-paper journalism.

To be clear, Biafrans do not speak of Fulani out of hatred; rather, they do so because of the Fulani’s long and well-documented history of violence, reckless disregard for life, liberty, and justice, the need to tell the truth, and, most importantly, their propensity for bloodcurdling.

We are cognizant of the suggestion of bigotry. The predicament here is to be very sensitive or represent the hapless many thousands day to day being butchered by the Fulani world class savage culture of lying, dogmatism, banditry, and psychological warfare.

Therefore, are all Fulani murderers? Obviously not. To make such a generalization would be absurd. But if you’re a genuine Nigerian, you should inquire as to who the people are who are skulking about in all parts of the country, lurking in forests, establishing harems in the forest regions near you, carrying out senseless midnight raids, displacing indigenous communities, destroying indigenous farms, industrial-scale kidnapping for ransom, savagely raping women as if at war, forming various terrorist organizations, massacring entire communities,

Also inquire about their sponsors. Nothing should be spared to indict us if the response is not unquestionably Fulani.

Therefore, for the sake of those who believe that the Indigenous People of Biafra seek independence out of hatred for anyone, primordial tribal instincts, or a desire to keep the richly endowed land, including the oil and gas fields of Biafra, you have been deceived by the United Kingdom, the BBC, Nigeria, and the other beneficiaries of the criminal device.

Biafrans would like the Fulani, who have already ideologically separated from Nigeria by enforcing Sharia law in the twelve core Muslim states, to have their own nation and stop attempting to impose Sharia law on more than 120 million Christians.

Despite covering all regions of Nigeria, the 1999 Constitution has long been abandoned in favor of Sharia. Sharia is an attack against the constitution of Nigeria. Due to the fact that two distinct legal systems are now confronting one another in a single nation, the dangers are escalating on a daily basis.

Biafrans have never felt at ease in Nigeria, in fact. Our parents, siblings, children, relations, and Christians have been the victims of British-orchestrated Fulani Nazi-style stereotypes, propaganda, genocide, blockade, electoral and census fraud, marginalization, mediocrity, looting, and progressive genocide.

If you’re wondering how this happened, Britain deliberately merged a number of different peoples into a single nation to create a monstrous machine to serve her irrational, insatiable, and sadistic “economic interest.” In exchange for power, support, and protection, the imperialists would rather give the Fulani, who are not native to Nigeria, the authority to safeguard their interests. Because of this, the killings in Nigeria have gone unnoticed by the world.

We must at the very least agree that it does not violate international law to defend ourselves or seek independence from a genocidal nation that does not share our values or goals.

Without a shred of evidence, Dr. Sheehan’s arguments were all flat-out lies. But because he wants to put millions of Biafrans in danger around the world, if we don’t hold him accountable, not only will the lies continue to spread until they become true, but those who don’t, especially the University of Baltimore, will be seen as accomplices in the end.

Why, then, hasn’t the United States declared IPOB an FTO? Sheehan asks, “This question does not deserve an answer.” However, for the benefit of those who are unaware of IPOB around the world, the answer is that the organization is not and has never been a terrorist organization, as the US State Department is aware of! Dr. Sheehan doesn’t shockingly know anything about one or the other Nigeria or Fulani, so what constrained him to compose? And what motivated him to recklessly project the government of Nigeria’s crimes, strategies, and tendencies on the victims, whose only crime at any given time is daring to defend themselves and their communities?

More: “ If it weren’t so alarming, the fact that a small terrorist group can intimidate senior U.S. officials in American courts and use foreign agents to challenge an ally’s security would be laughable. Furthermore, that “Washington should not disregard Nigeria’s fear mongers any more.”

The only truth in the entire piece is the final quote. Washington needs to look into how the Buhari government came to power under the guise of fighting terrorism while simultaneously killing Biafrans and spreading terrorism. At Buhari’s initiation in 2015, there was just a single fear monger bunch: Boko Haram, yet today, illegal intimidation has spread to each locale of Nigeria and is apparently completed by his tribesmen.

Last but not least, the individuals who are suing the US State Department are not “[African] terrorists.” Unless Dr. Sheehan does not believe that all Americans, including Blacks, have the right to seek redress when they are harmed, they are citizens of the United States.

When your ally is worse than the Nazi, nothing is more laughable. Numerous Nigerians are murdered by the British state. It provides funding for ethnic terrorists, who are acknowledged as dangerous terrorist groups and violators of human rights by human rights groups and the World Terror Index on their own merits.

In aggregate, to mark harmony adoring individuals “psychological militants” since they wish to end the continuous decimation of their friends and family, and remove themselves from the tight grip of death, the wrist bindings of financial subjection, the loathsomeness of Islamic fundamentalism, and the army of Fulani fear mongers is the level of backbiting and fiendishness.

At the University of Baltimore, Ivan Sascha Sheehan is the executive director of the School of Public and International Affairs. He needs to pay for his actions.

Here is a statistical report on the killings committed by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen: IPOB Nathaniel Okwunzuzo: Nigeria Is A Killing Field For Defenseless Christians (

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