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Polls: I’m optimistic Court’ll uphold justice – Obi

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has expressed confidence that Nigeria’s judiciary will rise to the occasion and rule in favor of a better nation in the Presidential election matter before it, despite several reservations.

During his Thursday appearance as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Program, Obi made this statement while responding to questions.

He said that the fact that the judges are Nigerians and are aware of how bad the country’s situation has been and that only truth and justice can save it gives him confidence.

Obi, who is challenging the process that led to Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu being named President-Elect, stated, “They, the Justices desire a better Nigeria for themselves and their children, and that can only come through doing the right thing and telling the people the truth of any situation.” This statement was made in reference to the process that led to Tinubu being named President-Elect.

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“I have no reason to doubt the courts; we politicians are determined to corrupt every aspect of our national life,” the author asserts.

The LP candidate responded, “I would be shocked if the nation goes on with the rascality of criminality,” when asked what he would do if the country decided to continue with business as usual.

The former governor of Anambra state made the observation that it is disheartening that Nigeria, which prides itself on being the giant of Africa, is unable to conduct a straightforward election. In contrast, smaller nations like Ghana are able to conduct elections with a small margin of error, and India, the largest democracy in the world, also conducts elections with a margin of error that is less than 5%.

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Obi reiterated his earlier position that the declarations made by the Independent National Electoral Commission during the most recent Presidential and National Elections were false, pointing out that he is challenging both the process and the declaration.

Obi stated, “With what they did on February 25, setting a rule for the election and abandoning it in the middle of the game, my trust in INEC has evaporated.”

He mentioned that the majority of Nigerians have cast a vote of no confidence in INEC because they realized that they had promised so much but could only deliver the minimum.

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The LP representative compared INEC’s actions on February 25 to a restaurant promising a lavish meal but failing to deliver the main course.

Obi advised his supporters to vote for Labour Party candidates in their states and to vote with a new Nigeria in mind, looking for competence, character, capacity, and capabilities, in his message for Saturday’s gubernatorial and state Assembly elections.

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