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Reaction to the alleged designation of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as the tenth most dangerous group in the recently released Global Terrorism Index

There is no getting around the fact that the well-planned, powerful conspiracy between the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), its security agencies, and the foreign institution involved would be out of place if their desperate attempt to blackmail and demonize IPOB led to a stereotyped scripted outcome; is not refuted or explained.

All of the violent crimes and criminal activities that are taking place in the Southeast have been relentlessly attributed to the IPOB, and the Federal Government of Nigeria has been effortlessly pushing this blatantly malicious narrative.

Unquestionable proof flourishes, which decisively excuses IPOB from these grievous violations, in any case, pointing at IPOB as those executing these terrible demonstrations in the South-East is a very much prearranged conspiratorial plan in the fabulous plan that was embarked on a mission to be achieved by the Foundation.

There are a few occurrences, where even the CEOs of the states in the South-East have transparently and freely pronounced, in light of safety knowledge accessible to them that the crooks behind these determined ridiculous surges on blameless residents in the South East are not IPOB, but rather a realized protester bunch being seized by a Finland based Nigerian, who has no connection at all with IPOB.

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As a non-violent group, IPOB had previously publicly disassociated themselves from these heinous activities, which are desecrating our land, on multiple occasions. The IPOB leadership typically agrees to participate in the process of flushing these soulless beings from our land based on these numerous publications, all of which are in the public domain. The cited IPOB publications can be found in print and on all social media platforms.

The fact that Nigerian security agencies will immediately identify the IPOB as those responsible for the heinous crimes at the smallest violent or criminal occurrence or attack in the South-East and its environs, without making any attempt to investigate the actual state or non-state actors involved in the alleged crimes, is the most surprising and beyond comprehension.

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The fact that the state is fully aware of this dangerous group’s strategy and method of operation—which is to conceal under the guise of the Biafra struggle in order to continue committing violent crimes even though they are not IPOB members—is undeniable.

Without a doubt, the primary purpose of the FGN spreading this false narrative to the international community is to sway people’s perceptions of the IPOB and convince them that the IPOB is to blame for the crimes, killings, and kidnappings in the southeast of Nigeria.

It should come as no surprise that the Federal Government of Nigeria issued its first public response to the atrocious actions of the Nigerian with a home in Finland who has been desecrating our land with his dangerous group just a few days prior to the recently concluded National elections.

Once more, we wish to, completely repeat, that the Native Nation of Biafra (IPOB), is a peaceful gathering, enlisted and perceived in a few nations across the world; specifically comprised of citizens exercising their globally recognized right to self-determination in accordance with the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution, the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (Enforcement and Ratification) Act Cap A10 LFN 2004, and other international instruments, treaties, and charters; and which group has no connection or connection at all to the criminal activities that some violent and criminal dissidents are carrying out in the South-East on our peaceful land. These dissidents falsely hide behind the Biafra struggle in order to continue their atrocious and heinous acts.

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Nonetheless, we will challenge the Institute for Economics and Peace’s Sydney, Australia, misguided and misinformed ranking in the appropriate forums.

Before rushing to public space to defame and demonize an innocent/non-violent organization that is exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights to self determination, we are therefore appealing to all relevant institutions to be properly guided and cross-check their criteria, facts, and indices.

Let sound advice take precedence.

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