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Satguru Maharaj Ji Identifies Leadership Deficit As Nigeria’s Problem

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Living Perfect Master, and organizer behind One Love Family, has said that the serious issue of Nigeria is initiative deficiency, even as he tosses his weight behind the Muslim – Muslim ticket as introduced by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Maharaj ji who was tending to writers in Lagos yesterday as a component of exercises denoting the 29th commemoration of his profession that ‘ No War in Nigeria, Come What May, said that consideration ought to be paid to capacity as opposed to strict feeling.

It would be reviewed that Maharaj ji made a statement on August 16, 1993, that, ” No War in Nigeria, Come What May “.

He said that the religion of the president and the VP won’t make any difference, getting out whatever ought to concern Nigerians currently is whether the up-and-comers have the capacity and cleverness to administer the nation or not.

“Muslim – Muslim ticket, ‘what’s going on in that, he questioned logically. President Muhammadu Buhari is sufficiently struggling. What has religion have to do with that?

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“Individuals are fomenting that Buhari is struggling. Buhari is a Muslim, he is a resigned General. The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo is a Christian, even a Pastor of one of the greatest houses of worship in Nigeria. He is likewise a Professor. However individuals are disturbing, that implies strict equilibrium has fizzled.

“What we ought to fret about is the capacity to perform. Muslim – Muslim ticket is OK the same length as they will actually want to score the ideal objective”, Maharaj ji said.

He said Nigerians ought not be miserable and despondent, adding what is happening isn’t past reclamation.

Maharaj ji expressed that regardless of his idealism that Nigeria will endure the current quandaries, Nigerians have a reason to stress.

“There is a long list of reasons to feel concerned. We have each reason to become restless notwithstanding unremitting wrongdoings, strained serenity, delicate solidarity doubts, political irregular characteristics and critical needs amidst bounty,” he expressed.

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As per him, one recognizable extraordinary figure the country’s demise is authority disappointment, which he said decides numerous things in the public eye, bringing up that when chiefs are awful, things should go to pieces.

“As a matter of fact, it isn’t our economy, common help, or social administrations or police that is truly faulty however our chiefs since the beginning.”

He kept up with that state police is the best answer for battle psychological oppression, banditry, revolt, hijacking and habits of weakness in the land, focusing on that the neighborhood individuals realize who will be who among them and have an approach to distinguishing crooks among them.

“Most certainly something is in a general sense amiss with Nigeria. We have everything necessary to be an extraordinary, prosperous, innovatively progressed country; still, we are presumed for backwardness. We are supplied with bountiful and valuable HR, yet we are shy of satisfactory faculty in light of the fact that many egg-heads have been compelled to relocate due to financial and socio-political circumstances. Rather than tapping the administrations and mastery of those trained professionals, our general public disappoints them, and they subsequently become a gift and resource for unfamiliar grounds.

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“Not that by itself, our nation is blessed with boundless material assets, yet, around 95% of the populace live far underneath the destitution line. Hunger is composed strongly on the essences of individuals since there is no business, while numerous representatives are saved consistently.

“The greater part of the social conveniences have been popularized and privatized to the burden and difficulty of the average people. The mental stability, request and human sacredness that portrayed many created countries are unfamiliar to our own jargon,” Maharaji ji expressed.

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