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Seven ways that France still has control over its former African colonies

Here’s how France still has some control over its former colonies.

Amidst the recent coups in Mali, Gabon, Burkina Faso, and other African countries, it is important to examine the extent of France’s influence over its former colonies.

France and England were provincial masters of Africa; while England colonized 22 African nations, France colonized 20. Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Focal African Republic, Chad, Congo, Central Guinea, and Gabon were a portion of France’s settlements.

France controlled these nations by implication and absorbed them into their way of life and way of life, and sadly, large numbers of these nations never turned out to be completely free since they marked a provincial settlement before their autonomy.

France still has control over a lot of Africa:
1. These nations should authoritatively communicate in French

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African nations that were French states should take on French as their authority language and the language for their school system, which is administered by France’s unfamiliar priest. As a result, their native languages are put on the back burner.
2. They need to pay pilgrim obligation

14 previous French states in Africa pay a pilgrim duty to France. These nations pay for foundation that was worked by France during imperialism. The size of this obligation varies in view of the nation paying it and the development of its framework.
3. Since their former colonies are required to deposit their monetary reserves with France’s central bank, France has control over the countries’ national reserves.

14 African nations have held their public stores beginning around 1961, with over 80% put in “tasks accounts” oversaw by the French Depository.

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The amount of foreign reserves held by the French Treasury is unknown to the nations. France today keeps up with around $500 billion in African nations’ cash in its depository, with scarcely 15% open to African nations. They even need to pay interest to pull out over 15%.
4. France has the privilege to utilize normal assets from its states first

France has the principal right to utilize and purchase normal assets found in its region and to buy them from previous states. These settlements can’t decide to offer their normal assets to different nations before France.

5. French organizations are viewed as first for government contracts

The public authority of its provinces gives priority to French interests and firms. French organizations should be thought of, and really at that time might Africans at any point work with other global organizations. Thus, France possesses all huge financial resources in settlements like Côte d’Ivoire, including water, power, phone, transportation, ports, and significant banks.
6. France supplies military gear, prepares its military and has troops in these nations

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France likewise guarantees elite freedoms to offer military hardware and preparing to African military commandants by means of an arrangement of grants, awards, and “guard arrangements” connected with the Pioneer Settlement. France has the legitimate power to mediate militarily in African nations and to endlessly station officers on their bases.
7. The former French colonies are required to use the colonial currency FCFA, more commonly referred to as the CFA franc. This currency contributes an astounding $500 billion annually to the French treasury and depletes the wealth of African nations.

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