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Shehu Sani asks Islamic Police to fight bandits and terrorists in North

The Shari’a Police in Kano and other northern states, otherwise called Hisbah, have been called upon to rise against insecurity by ideologically confronting kidnappers, bandits and terrorists in the region who are abusing the image of Islam and Muslims by their acts.

The call was made by the popular human rights activist and politician, Shehu Sani in Kano on Monday when he paid a familiarization visit to the Kano state Hisbah.

Shehu Sani argued that it is the duty of Hisbah to protect the image of Islam and Muslims in the region being abused by the bandits and terrorists who are killing innocent people in the name of religion.

“The message I have given them is that the most important and sensitive issue today as a country is the problem of banditry and terrorism and as the religious police, they have a duty to unite and see how they can combat banditry and terrorism in Nigeria.

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“Terrorists have been destroying the image of Islam and using the name of Islam to destroy the image of Muslims. There is a need for Hisbah to organize themselves and ideologically confront terrorists and bandits, this is very important.

“The need for them to be mobilizing people to rise against banditry and terrorism in the northern part of Nigeria is also very important.

“The need for them to reach out to rural communities and educate our citizens on the need for them not to join bandits and terrorists is also very important. So apart from them to be enforcing religious laws, there is need for them at this hour to be very more present, active and agile in finding a lasting solution to the problem of bandits and terrorists that have been kidnapping and killing our people” Shehu Sani said.

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On what the Hisbah told him during the visit, he explained that he was there for the visit to clarify complaints he received about the activities of Hisbah.

“First of all many things have been said about Hisbah, so I said as a former Senator and as a Human rights activist I should visit their office to hear from them, what are their duties and responsibilities and LSO issues that have been attributed to them.

“First of all, I am happy to hear that they have not prohibited those who decide to keep afro hairstyle like me. That one has been cleared because I am here to defend the right of people to keep their hair.

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“Secondly they have told me in practical terms that they are against the manufacture, consumption and distribution of alcohol in this state as well as drug abuse. Thirdly they told me that they have a dress code which if you violate you have violated the law of Hisbah. They told me about manqué that if you can remove the head of it, you can put it in your store to display your product.

“Lastly they told me about the types of movies which they allow or disallow as a way of preserving public morality. At least these are some of the things they talked to me about” he stated.

Source: Vanguard

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