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Simon Ekpa a double agent hired to misrepresent IPOB – Group

Emma Powerful, the media and exposure secretary for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has encouraged the overall population to overlook Ebonyi state-conceived blogger Simon Ekpa, a self-broadcasted representative for Biafra who goes against the mandates and the exercises of the favorable to Biafra.

The IPOB representative who pummeled the blogger for censuring the previous enticement for the Igbos in regards to burial service, said that he is a twofold specialist recruited to distort and condemn IPOB alongside its chief Nnamdi Kanu.

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Mr. Ekpa had claimed that IPOB’s call encouraging Ndigbo to quit saving departed individuals in mortuaries for quite a while before the memorial service is an Islamic and hostile to Igbo plan.

Because of Ekpa, IPOB said that their mandate is certainly not an Islamic plan yet as per old Igbo culture. As per the gathering, the assertion around a three-day memorial service for anybody expired in Igboland is an allure and not an advance notice or danger made to Ndigbo as misconstrued by Simon Ekpa.

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The twofold specialist has depleted all the coercion and lies against the IPOB administration and is currently misconstruing press explanations, said Emma Powerful, who asserted that Mr. Ekpa doesn’t see plain English language.

Strong further said that oneself declared representative for Biafra who is connected to crimes and murders in the southeast, has no information on Igbo culture.

In the Monday’s public statement, IPOB said that the work by the Catholic Church and others in the East to carry out the methodology of covering its dead individuals in no less than about fourteen days bombed because of the duties and duties that the groups of individuals couldn’t pay.

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The gathering approached customary pioneers and gatherings to work with the memorial service of perished individuals in Igboland by dropping a few duties and overabundance charges from deprived families.

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