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South Africans Should Spare Yorubas, Ruthlessly Deal With The Igbos – Adeyinka

A social media rabble rouser, Adeyinka Grandson has called on South Africans to spare the lives of Yorubas in the country and channel their brutality to Igbos.

In a statement credited to Adeyink on Wednesday, set social media ablaze, calling the Yoruba born a racist and tribalist bigot .

In a post, he titled: “The life of average Yoruba man” noted that Yorubas provided enough space for the South African investors and should see it a good relationship.

He alleged that Igbos are behind major criminal activities in Africa including drug smuggling.

The post reads:

The below is the list of South African companies in Yorubaland:

1. MTN
3. Multichoice
4. SAB Miller
5. Shoprite
6. Stanbic Bank
7. LTA Construction
8. Protea Hotel
9. Critical Rescue International
10. South Africa Airways
11. Refresh Products
12. PEP Retail Stores
13. Power Giant
14. Eskom
15. Umgeni Water
16. SA Communication
17. Global Outdoor Semces
18. Oracle
19. Airtime

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These and many more South African companies in Yorubaland are not doing the Yoruba nation and her people any favour. On the contrary, they are making a huge profit from Yorubaland.

With due respect, the Yoruba people are not against the actions of the citizenry of South Africa to take back control of their homeland and remove the foreign criminals who are mostly Ibo. The Ibo in South Africa are involved in crimes, particularly drug trafficking whilst the Yoruba nationals are decent citizens employed by universities and other institutions, but Ibo is the problem.

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Across Africa, the Ibo are committing a lot of atrocities in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Gabon where they rob on a daily basis. And throughout the world, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, they are involved in human and drug trafficking while in the United States of America, the Ibo are involved in fraud.

The daily misdemeanours of the Ibo across the world where they had obtained visas to go to should be more than enough for the Yoruba governments to stop the mass migration of the Ibo to Yorubaland. The majority of the Ibo in Yorubaland are involved in armed robbery, kidnapping, vandalism, piracy, prostitution, production of a fake drug, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and organized crimes

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The Yoruba, however, would wish to impress it on the people of South Africa to spare the Yoruba citizens, but deal ruthlessly with the Ibo. Anything otherwise, the Yoruba nation and her people are going to nationalise all the South African companies in Yorubaland. There are no foreign companies in Iboland. Iboland is a shithole.

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  1. Chike says

    You are simply an idiot. That’s what I have for u

  2. Emma says

    This guy is mad. He has no brain at all.

  3. Ignatius Felix Onyekweli says

    Oga empty head, this is not in Nigeria where tribalism is the order of the day, come to think of it how many Igbo man was executed in Saudi Arabia? None .they are all mostly yorubas(ofe’ mmanu)and hausas,so think twice.

  4. Eke Moore Richard says

    This guy is entitled to his opinion, however the truth is that he guffed by his generalization as there is no where anywhere where everyone is either a saint or a criminal.If he swears that all Yorubas are Saints he will drop dead the next minute.
    Let him know that the first publicly executed Armed robber in Nigeria was Oyenusi who is his blood brother.

  5. Umerie Florence says

    Can d Yoruba’s survive without d Igbo? Lazy man

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