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SOUTH-EAST GOVS: “Be Smart, IPOB Remains The Only Group That Can Give You Relevance In Abuja” – Obi

SAHARANEWS – Just few days ago, news were rife even on social media platforms, exposing the desperation of the South-East governors, seeking for dialogue with the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which was however totally rejected.

What exactly will be your reaction as an individual, if confronted with such in the light of all that has been playing out? It is quite useless and unacceptable for me at such a time as we presently are, to begin to think of having a dialogue with this brand of persons. Time when such a privilege was given has far gone.

These politicians fully ridiculed themselves by conniving with Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership to proscribe IPOB, tagging it a terrorist organization even in their homeland just because of their crass egocentric interests and that of their Fulani slavemasters.

Every passing day, heartwarming news come the way of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), thereby heightening the fear and disappointment of the so-called governors in the South-East amongst other politicians of Biafra extraction.

On Tuesday 10th of September 2019, the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was locked in a meeting with representative parliamentarians of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, over Biafra. On Monday 9th of September 2019, the leadership of the United Nations through twitter handle and other social media platforms, made the news that the Nigerian army under the nose of Muhammadu Buhari, variously engaged in the denial of their relentless killings of IPOB family members over the years during peaceful protests.

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It is increasingly becoming clearer on daily basis, that IPOB has maintained good records of activities despite series of state sponsored persecutions and provocations. It is not an under statement to say that IPOB Units Coordinators by every standard, stand more valuably respected and cherished by the people more than the South-East governors and their other political fellows from Biafraland. Sampled opinions from diverse people at Newspaper stands, unanimously suggest that if the governors actually needed dialogue with IPOB, they should humbly start up family units in their respective Government Houses. This done, would then attract the invitation of IPOB State Coordinators in their different States for inauguration according to laid down principles of the IPOB.

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One of the Newspaper readers that bared his mind on this matter, stated that it is better these governors practicalise their repentance if genuine, by openly establishing IPOB family units in their offices while others made converse suggestions, saying that such be done secretly. That being firstly done, the state coordinators can be invited for proper inauguration with full media coverage.

It is absolutely shameful for the South-East leaders to be dumped at the lowest ebb of rating by the people they were supposedly meant to provide leadership to. They have totally lost the respect of leadership before the people they claim to be representing. They are presently seen as threats, saboteurs and traitors across Biafraland. What an unfortunate record!

Collaborating the above opinions however, it is ideal for these governors to prove their sincerity of any dialogue by realistically, starting up IPOB led family unit meetings in their states before ever consideration. They should understand that they have for long, lost such a steam with the IPOB leadership and the entire global family. They should just start to prepare leaving Biafraland as the biblical prodigal son for mortgaging the future of their brethren, except something otherwise happens.

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Meaningful dialogue should be premised on genuine repentance and all the Senators, Members of the House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly should join the fray for their plea for dialogue to appease the IPOB because the rubicon has long been crossed. You cannot connive with the Nigerian government and the Fulani oligarchy to kill, enslave and impoverish your people at will for selfish reasons and expect to have your ways. It is totally unacceptable.

IPOB State Coordinators across Biafraland, help in ensuring that every family unit created and inaugurated conforms to terms. Therefore starting up any by these politicians must have to conform with the rules and duly supervised after inauguration. The earlier this demands under discussion here are adequately complied with, the better, otherwise, you all should get prepared for unprecedented public disgrace.

Written by Ben Alvin Obi

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