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THE BITTER TRUTH: Fulanization, Islamization Agenda In Nigeria Has Already Been Achieved – See Facts

SAHARANEWS – The Islamization Agenda In Nigeria Is Real And Has Already Been Achieved!

Each time I hear people say there is a plan to Islamize Nigeria, I laugh it out as an impossibility, nobody can Islamize Nigeria, it is simply not possible. But I have been wrong. It has already happened because we misunderstood the whole idea and had a misconception about the agenda.

The Islamization agenda was clearly misunderstood by many Nigerians, including CAN. The idea was never to impose Islam on other parts of Nigeria. It was never a religious war or imposition. It was a simple political strategy that has already been achieved. The agenda as I now know it, is to have Northern Muslims in management positions in EVERY institution of Nigeria, including regional and state institutions that requires no federal character consideration. This way, the Muslim community of Nigeria will have their eyes, mouths and ears in every part of the country, including areas with insignificant Muslim population. It will give them some sort of security and assurance and subtle control and privileged ethnic information about any part of the country.

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This is not a bad policy per se, but it is not an altruistic policy either. It did not even start with the Buhari administration although the Buhari administration gave it a boost. It is a policy that will be difficult to reverse.

There is a even a legal backing and argument to the agenda too. If Islam is a major religion in Nigeria, it deserves to be represented in everything called Nigeria, after all, there are Christians in virtually everything called Nigeria too. It is a flawed argument though.

NDDC for example is not a national institution, in the true sense of it, it is not even funded by the federal government, it is a regional institution. Islam is not one of the major religions in the Niger Delta. But there is a Muslim on the NDDC board. This Muslim is not an Ijaw Muslim or Ondo Yoruba Muslim, he is Fulani Muslim.

There is also a commission called HYPREP under the federal Ministry of Environment, it was set up under the PDP administration to manage the clean up of Ogoni land. There is also a Northern Muslim on that board and by extension, there are Northern Muslim workers in that Commission doing daily office work. They earned their employment simply because they are Muslims. It is difficult for an Urhobo or Ijaw or Ikwerre man to get a job in that commission, but northern Muslims work there! The commission was established for the Ogonis.

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In few months time, that commission will be awarding contracts for the clean up of Ogoniland, I can vouch that about 40% of the companies that will get the contracts will either be owned by Northern Muslims or fronting for them.

In NDDC today, it is easier for a Northern Muslim to get a contract through his representative in the board and for free and then sell it to a Niger Deltan to execute than for a Niger Deltan to get the same contract without buying the contract for nothing below ten percent of the contract sum.

I can go on and on…

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One of the advantages of the Islamization Agenda is that Northern Muslims now have undue advantage and opportunity in every part of the country and in every institution too. From NIMASA to NPA, NNPC, Regional Basin Development Agencies, and you name more, even in southern states owned universities and state government houses.

In every strategic position/department like procurement and finance, a Northern Muslim must be represented. It is a strategic agenda.

Remember, in Nigeria, there are Yoruba Muslims, Ijaw Muslims, Igbo Muslims and so n. When I say Muslim, I do not refer to this category, I refer to core Hausa/Fulani Muslims. You will not find a Yoruba or Ijaw Muslim occupying any of these positions.

If CAN thinks the Islamization agenda is a forceful imposition of Islam on the rest of Nigeria, then it is still sleeping.

To the best of my knowledge, Nigeria has already been Islamized. Go to the institutions and localities of Nigeria and see for yourself.

The first phase is complete. I am not sure what the second phase would look like.

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  1. Awuka says

    If its by appointment or being on the board of any commission, its okay! They cant go more than that. What we fear is our land being taken like Kwara where an Emir is ruling the Yorubas. The latter have severally tried to restle power from the Fulanis, but they refused to relinguish

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