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The DOS, the Struggle for Biafra Restoration’s Vitality and Vigor

The Indigenous People of Biafra’s (IPOB) highest level of leadership and decision-making body is the Directorate of State (DOS). Furthermore, as per Oxford Word reference, Imperativeness is “the power giving duration of life, present in every living thing” while Force signifies “dynamic actual strength and great wellbeing”.

Without a shadow of a doubt, IPOB’s active vitality and vigor are the reason they have consistently overpowered and outsmarted every state-sponsored blackmail and infiltration scheme designed to tarnish the Biafra freedom movement’s sour reputation. The DOS is IPOB’s vitality and vigor.

It would appear that individuals—whether sincere or dubious—who only recently identified with the Mazi Nnamdi-led IPOB’s struggle for Biafra Restoration, say two to three years ago, will not comprehend what the DOS members stand for. As a result, when some of them speak negatively about these dedicated individuals, it is evident that they are ignorant or simply foolish.

In order to ensure IPOB’s success in the Biafra restoration struggle, the DOS have taken on the responsibility of providing all of the necessary guides and guards over time. The faithful comrades in the DOS have successfully maintained their protection of the IPOB movement against criminal acts, government-sponsored agents, and other forms of criminal activity. For the sake of the Biafran people’s freedom, some of them have had their lives and the lives of family members threatened.

People that make up this uncommon administration of IPOB are people that surely know how their call up isn’t so much for some good times. They have been devoted IPOB members for a long time. They worked hard and faithfully rose through various ranks until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB’s supreme leader, graciously selected them to hold the position of DOS. Before they got to the DOS table, each of them had to pass a variety of leadership position tests and huddles. They waited patiently for their promotion and did not leap the fence.

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Every DOS member has started their journey with IPOB by signing up at their local units, listening to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, their coordinators, and other leaders, and learning about IPOB’s disciplinary codes of conduct and command-and-control leadership structure. The history of IPOB and Biafra’s clandestine allies can only be told by DOS members. In addition, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu instilled in them the need to guide and guard the Biafra Restoration Struggle with jealousy when they reached the position of being in the DOS, even if it meant giving their lives for it. The knowledge that the struggle of the IPOB depends on the lives and survival of seventy million Biafrans impressed these devoted companions even more. Therefore, they are well aware that allowing it to be destroyed would spell doom not only for the Biafran people but also for future generations. In addition, it will mean freedom, life, and greatness for Biafrans, including the unborn generations, if they are successful in hedging the struggle against the oppressors and their sponsored agents.

However, the DOS structure demonstrated that the adage “in every twelve, there must be a Judas” is accurate and cannot be overstated. But Judas was just two or three of them who could not stand the test of time; they were very weak and unreliable. They were easy to deceive or might have been wolves disguised as sheep, but there have been safeguards put in place to protect against that before. We are aware that we are dealing with human beings who are susceptible to error, so there is a puddle waiting for anyone who may turn out to be sponsored government agents.

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Even in the face of betrayal, threats, deception, defamation, spiritual and physical attacks, blackmail, and character assassinations, these men and women have frequently sacrificed their lives to defend this struggle’s core. The false narratives and lies spread about them by government-sponsored agents have led to the hiding of some of them and their families. Despite the fact that their businesses are closed to some, others are not giving up. They are doing it for Biafra’s freedom. They have been standing in the way of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and receiving bullets for the Biafran people.

I review Nnamdi Kanu prompting and telling the DOS in one of his transmissions, “You perceive how they are going after me now that I am with you, be it known to you that in the event that I am not there the assaults will be aimed at you to forsake me and the battle. In light of the fact that the freedom of our people is in jeopardy, you must be strong and resilient. “In spite of the attacks, extortion, and unnecessary provocations coming from Kanu’s siblings, everyone can rest assured that the DOS has not failed Nnamdi Kanu.

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Nnamdi Kanu would have left to die in the DSS dungeon and the Biafra struggle would have been forgotten without the DOS’s tenacity.

The DOS members took an oath to safeguard the collective oaths, which are the core of this struggle, while each IPOB member took an oath. It is unfortunate that government agents and infiltrators who do not understand how IPOB operates launched a slanderous campaign against DOS members with the intention of destroying IPOB’s leadership. However, thanks to the men of the DOS who stood with the support of IPOB media warriors, defended the heart of this struggle, and defeated Nigeria government agents and infiltrators, the campaign was successful. The skilled efforts of the DOS ensure that our men in the bush are not abandoned despite being denied funding.

The DOS are heroes who are deserving of honor and respect. Biafrans need to learn to honor and recognize them.

The false accusers are currently the subject of criminal and fraud investigations. As we speak, there are fights and accusations of embezzlement in their camp.

May the Mighty Okike always grant IPOB victory over adversaries and sustain the DOS, The Vitality And Vigor Of Biafra Restoration Struggle. And most importantly, grant Biafra freedom.

Aguocha Chinwendu is the author of the hashtags #BiafraReferendumNow and #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow.

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