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There is Nothing like biafra,We Only Want To Be Treated Equally (video)– Umahi

Legislative leader of Ebonyi State, who is additionally the Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum David Umahi, has depicted the fomentations for Biafra as frenzy, saying that most elites in the locale don’t need it.

As indicated by him, all they need is to be dealt with similarly like different locales in the country.

“Each tip top in the south-east isn’t envious of Biafra. We don’t need Biafra. We just need to be dealt with similarly like different areas in Nigeria,” Governor Umahi said Wednesday, on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

“Along these lines, this thought of Biafra, Biafra is franticness”.

He censured the degeneration of which began as a cry against underestimation into viciousness in the locale, saying “you can never get a country out of a country by the sort of disdain addresses being doled out and afterward from disdain discourses to dangers of killings and real killings and arrangement of aggressor gatherings”.

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“In case you’re battling to ensure us so for what reason would you say you are killing us? We are simply the ones killing. At times, individuals are imported from outside to do these killings yet significantly, as in my express, every one individuals that we have gotten, all came from the south-east”.

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Lead representative Umahi said legislative heads of the locale have kept on engaging the fomenters to present their complaints, promising to give arrangements.

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“Whatever is your concern, is it joblessness, you don’t have anything doing? We will pass on each and every thing to ensure you are enabled. Interestingly, when you are in the hedge, we don’t approach you. You need to emerge from the bramble and work with us to engage you.

“However, when you say no, that you will go for the sake of disturbances to cause guiltiness, we will segregate you as a crook and this is the place where we are and we are intense with regards to it”.

Talking about the sit-at-home request, which he says is for the most part given by individuals in diaspora, and has injured financial action in the express, the lead representative mourned that the south-east individuals are going along just out of dread and not on the grounds that they need to be respectful.

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“On the off chance that we had a police officer to everyone, no one will submit to any sit whatsoever,” he said.

He, hence, guaranteed that lead representatives from the district will keep doing what they can to defend individuals.

“We will do how we have been doing shield our kin since we have gotten the certainty of our kin.

“These individuals don’t have good intentions for ourselves and we can’t have Biafra by the manner in which they are going with regards to it”.

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