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Ukraine: US Politicians Are Bloodtasty For Murder, Death – Majorie Taylor Greene

US congresswoman, Rep Majorie Taylor Greene, representing Georgia 14th District, has criticised the US government for their role in the ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war. She also stated that she will vote against the Ukraine-bill which seeks to allocate more funds to the Ukraine war. “I am going to fight Ukraine funding, i am so purely disgusted with this, they are so bloodtasty for murder and death in Ukraine. Ukraine civilians are being killed constantly. Russian soldiers are dying , Ukrainian soldiers are dying, other people that got into this war are dying.

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I can’t understand why washington DC can’t be focus on world peace and bringing this two countries together to end that war. Rather than beating their chest, beating their war-drums and demanding the American people pay for it. I think its ridiculous and shame on them.

…. It is not about support of the leadership team. I will not vote for it, i will whipp against it. I will not vote for it. How about peace?. How about American people not paying for it? ……..”I will not vote for Ukraine funding and I will whip against it.

Politicians in Washington are beating the war drums and demanding the American people pay for it.

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Washington is so stupid for things like this.

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