US UPDATE:Nancy Pelosi reveals next move after Pence refused to remove Trump


Following VP Mike Pence’s refusal to summon 25th Amendment for the evacuation of US President Donald Trump, the US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has uncovered her best course of action.

In a sign that the Democrats are moving rapidly to indict the beset President, the Speaker on Tuesday declared the names of the officials who will fill in as arraignment administrators, as per CNN.

The officials are entrusted with introducing a case to the Senate during a prosecution preliminary.

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Rep. Raskin will head the group and the others are Colorado official, Diana DeGette, David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Eric Swalwell of California, Joaquin Castro of Texas, Ted Lieu of California, Stacey Plaskett of the US Virgin Islands, Joe Neguse of Colorado and Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania..

This is coming after US Vice President, Mike Pence, had in a letter cautioned Pelosi against the transition to impugn President Donald Trump, saying,

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” I don’t accept that such a strategy is to the greatest advantage of our country or steady with our Constitution.”

The Vice President cautioned that the move will accomplish more mischief than anything to American individuals however Pelosi has demanded that Democrats officials must “make a move.”

Pelosi, on Monday, said that as a “following stage,” House Democrats “will push ahead with carrying indictment enactment to the Floor.”


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