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Where Are Those Enemies Of MNK Before His Extraordinary Rendition?

Have you seen that 98% of those supporting infiltrators and calling themselves autopilots are having counterfeit names? They have entertaining names like Ugo Biafra, Nwa Dot, Biafra kid and so forth. They don’t have the psyche to teach what they trust in utilizing their genuine names. That is the way phony individuals act. At the point when these stage is ever, you won’t realize they are the ones that did those disasters.

Did you additionally see that before the version of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya to Nigería, there are individuals via online entertainment continuously going after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? Have you asked where those individuals went to? Did they just vanished? Or on the other hand did they out of nowhere begun cherishing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? What was the deal?

What of those of them that called themselves troopers of equity? These gathering released a dangerous mission against MNK. Where could individuals from warriors of equity today be? Did they just vanished?

I can in any case recall those of them looking for alliance with IPOB back then. They said they need all Biafra fomenting gatherings to go under one gathering. That the entire gathering will then, at that point, choose another president. These folks accompanied mushroom gatherings and needed to add-on IPOB. Crimînals opened bunches without adherents and they all had their gathering in Oba. They welcomed IPOB and some gullibles began composing how it was a decent move. Presumably they will cast a ballot among the heads of the various gatherings and choose another pioneer among themselves. Did you see the strategy? They were all administration supported gatherings. They would have deposed MNK by ganging toward IPOB, had it been IPOB out of feelings gone along with them. Have you asked yourself where could these individuals today be? Rehashes it mean MNK don’t have adversaries?

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You don’t have to ask excessively. These individuals are individuals from infiltrators professing to cherish MNK and yelling our chief and DOS sold our chief. The one they detested with energy is presently their chief. They all are presently professing to adore MNK, yet they have not quit battling to have him obliterated. Opportunity came for them to attempt to annihilate MNK while professing to cherish him. History has demonstrated that the most omen method for having a man obliterated is to initially purchase his trust and claim to cherish him. Julius Caesar vanished of the wound given to him by an individual he called a dear companion. He was unable to accept it when Brutus gave him that last cut that cut him down.

Again in the Holy Bible, the widow Judith INFILTRATED Nebuchadrezzars’ military and killed its administrator, HOLOFERNES. How could she do that? She came into the Army camp, asserted she has deserted individuals of Israel and presently represent Nebuchadnezzar. They generally acknowledged her and even gave her special treatment. Permitted her to be going on a mission to say her requests. The day she kîlled the authority, she got away inconspicuous. Do this ring a bell? Did somebody say he is unloading one Nigería for Biafra? Did you uproar for particular treatment for him? Did he attempt to annihilate IPOB authority? Answer these inquiries yourselves.

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One thing the vast majority of you don’t know was that the explanation these individuals met up as autopilot professing to cherish MNK and yelling we should deliver our chief was on the grounds that they know too well that annihilating IPOB authority is as yet the obliteration of MNK himself. For without IPOB authority, IPOB will dissipate, and without IPOB there is no MNK. The explanation MNK is dreaded is a result of the development he made. Obliterate that development and he turns into a total no body. For this reason they went after each standard of IPOB and each IPOB division.

They began with an assault on IPOB initiative by blaming DOS for selling out Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They realized that it generally will be completely false, yet they continued to sound it and with it tricked a large portion of you. Then they pursued IPOB finance, and with it put heaps of questions on the personalities of individuals. Furthermore, a portion of the powerless ones quit adding to the battle. They pursued IPOB order and control as to bring indiscipline into the battle. Did they stop there? No. They pursued IPOB legitimate group and blaming IPOB attorneys for extortion and hauled them on the web. They went after IPOB media fighters, said they will get into their tricky situation. At the point when they got no situation to open, they began calling them names and taunting them. At the point when this likewise fizzled, they pursued ESN and MBranch, attempting to select terrible young men and carry out violations for the sake of ESN, just to daint the ESN according to the world. At long last, they went after IPOB campaigning group that have yielded bunches of organic products for IPOB.

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Every one of these was finished to annihilate MNK while professing to cherish him. Today, they have been crushed. Those they tricked they have shut their ears and psyche. This is an ideal opportunity to begin thinking. Begin clarifying some things. Is it true or not that you are denning with adversaries of MNK thinking you are battling to free MNK? Time to respond to this question is presently. Know it that you are with unadulterated MNK skeptics. On the off chance that you don’t turn around and MNK emerges, know it that you are endlessly lost until the end of time.

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