JUST IN:Why I Respect And Admire Hausa People Immensely – Nnamdi Kanu


The head of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has communicated his adoration for Hausa individuals however noticed that he was unable to say the equivalent for the Fulani public.

Kanu depicted the Hausa as a decent, cultivated individuals of the nation, however said Fulani individuals have been covering up under the blend of Hausa-Fulani to avoid the fierceness of the individuals at whatever point they execute evil.

He said this in an assertion made accessible to SaharaReporters on Wednesday through IPOB media and exposure secretary, Emma Powerful.

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Kanu further said that the Igbo individuals in Enugu have chosen a Hausa man as their Mayor twice to show that IPOB’s battle was not against the Hausa.

“No big surprise they quickly turned to mouthing their typical outlandish Hausa-Fulani short-term. Since 2015, all we have been hearing is Fulani this, Fulani that, however because of the warmth coming from God’s picked Children of Light (IPOB), they have depended on their typical beguiling Hausa-Fulani combo in the expectation of covering up under the generally polite and respectful Hausa to sidestep the anger of the individuals.

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“I wish to put it on record and for their (Fulani Janjaweed) data, that we Biafrans have nothing against Hausa individuals. Hausas are individuals I regard and respect hugely. Hausa in the primary are acceptable individuals. That was the reason we Biafrans chose a Hausa man twice to be our Mayor in Enugu, indeed, twice. They won’t disclose to you that, would they?

“The issue of Nigeria is Fulani Janjaweedism with their conquistadorial mindset. The lone thing remaining between this Sahelian monster called Fulani herders and their absolute success of Nigeria is the Great IPOB.”

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He distinguished the banished IPOB as the lone gathering that the Fulani fear in the nation, saying, “Once more, tune in to this man cautiously to affirm that lone IPOB is the guardian angel of native populaces in Nigeria and that is the reason IPOB is the lone element these Janjaweed caliphatarians fear.”