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6 EASY ways to gain real followers on Instagram and Twitter

Social media is an alternative life. We all want to be visible, and for our voices to be recognizable — followers help with that.

While people also make money via social media through their personal business or advertising by leveraging on their followers, likes and comments are also necessary.

The only way to even dream of making ad money is having a lot of followers. How do you then gain followers on Twitter and Instagram?

1.) Post great interactive things – ‘Mr. deep’, ‘Mr. Intelligent’ ‘Mrs. Woke’ 

There’s a reason why @OgbeniDipo, @CChukwudebelu or @OmogeDami have followers like @Echecrates and @Sugabelly before them.

People like smart people who stand for something. Thus, frequently use your social media page to post great opinions, data and informative things that could help people be better at anything.

It is a woke world and us millennials are growing or ‘adulting’ as social media puts it. We need to be around things we deem, ‘positive.’

We all want to feel a part of something good and positive. People also like people who…

2. Be known for something, write a great bio and use hashtags

@OgbeniDipo is known for career stuff and he has over 30k followers. @I_pissvodka is known for funny, trendy stuff and he has over 80k followers. @OmogeDami is known for feminism and she has over 10k followers. @KingWole posts cool YouTube videos.

On Instagram @vaustinl just posts cool videos of himself smoking and he has 2.5 million followers. One video sometimes has 3 million views. The point is to be known for something of human interest. Find yours and you will gain followers.

Hashtags help know conversations in trends and through searches. Hashtags help with visibility of your posts.

3.)  Post funny things and follow great accounts

Certain ‘influencer’ accounts just crack jokes, though they steal most of them from Twitter users with little to no followers.

People like funny people or people who recognize funny posts, videos or pictures. These things warm the heart.

The fun part of social media is why memes and GIFs are now virally used by everybody. Over the years, CrazeClown, Maraji, Mark Angel Comedy, Twyse and a lot of others have gained notoriety via Instagram.


On Twitter, certain accounts like @Omoissy gain followers almost daily because they crack jokes and post funny things all day.

4.) When you see any #FollowTrain join it


5.) Show off your ‘features’ in great pictures

This is a very vain one, but the truth is social media is vain itself. Thus, vain things like showing your curves, muscles or good looks will always earn points like Denola Grey or the 5’11 full package of beauty, Nancy Isime.

This works because we millennials mostly unmarried and we need partners and things to admire. Attractive people will also always attract praise and following.


On Twitter, you must have seen something like, “I’m new here, please show me around” while the poster shows some cleavage or mad curves.

Next thing, you see 1,000 followers within minutes. This is foolproof. This is also why some people pose as women when they first open their social media pages.

Beauty and sex appeal sell.

6.) For a man, look rich and handsome

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