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BIAFRA: Mysteries the FG could not comprehend

The conception and delivery of Biafra to the mother earth is divinely orchestrated to fulfill purpose. By will, belief, faith, ordinance and prophecy, Biafra was conceived.

The woman bearing this foetus in her womb, had severally  taken abortion pills to get rid of the baby but all to no avail. Godly prophecy can never ever be truncated under the sun no matter the plots and obstacles lined to hinder it. Like a baby that has strengthened it’s habitation in the womb, breathing healthily abundantly for survival, Biafra defiantly resisted the damaging effects of the pills taken by the mother and lived on.

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The more the mother persisted in her pills intake to get rid of it,  the more the baby (Biafra) healthily developed. Instead of weakening and destroying the baby,  the pills strengthened and gave it life. The poisonous potency of the pills, served as nutritious elements for the baby’s development and growth. Despite the damning resistance of the mother, the baby stubbornly grew.

Biafra is irrevocably a child of providential inheritance which is anchored on ChukwuOkike (God Almighty) and Him alone, otherwise the intent of the enemies would have prevailed.   Biafra is like the foetus which successfully resisted death despite the applied potentiality of flushing devices engineered from the western world. Theese devices (machineries) tried to abort the destiny child and the desperation of the mother, successfully strengthened it’s abode in the womb. “I have come to stay”, Biafra pointedly told the doctor on the day of evacuation from the womb. “I am a child of prophecy and terminating me is like terminating the word of God. So save your energy”, baby Biafra lamented.

There is neither any witch doctor or mortal being that can abort Biafra.  No, never!  Freedom to all men is it!!  The freedom of Biafrans is essentially unstoppable!!!

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