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Biafra separatists shoot down three military spy drone in Bakassi

Three spy drone cameras belonging to the military have been shot down by militants suspected of being members of Biafra separatist group, Oak Metro reports.

It is unclear which military owns the drones shot down on Friday by the suspected members of Biafra League of Nations (BnL), but residents say the spy drone cameras belong to the Nigerian military.

Last month, Nigerian and Cameroonian forces tightened security in border communities after BnL militants threatened to disrupt international trade at sea in the gulf of Guinea.

Meanwhile, BnL has claimed responsibility for the attack on the military spy drones on Friday, saying it was flying round the creeks to monitor the activities of its operatives.

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The militant wing of the separatist group, which had called for the unconditional release of all detained Biafra prisoners, said they will launch more offensives against the Nigerian government and other forces supporting Nigeria in the gulf of Guinea.

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