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Implications Of The US Ambassador’s Visit To Bola Tinubu And Matters Arising (See Photos)

ICYMI : Ramifications Of The US Diplomat’s Visit To Bola Tinubu And Matters Emerging

Last week, US Diplomat Mary Beth Leonard and US Political Consultant Rolf Olson visited the APC official up-and-comer at the party’s official mission office in Abuja.

The visit which was essential for the US government’s endeavors toward reinforcing its relationship with Nigeria in front of the overall decisions clearly didn’t drift in certain quarters as a result of the undeniable ramifications.

For quite a while, resistance groups have been cautiously spreading the picture of the Jagaban to ruin him according to the electorate. The idea that Tinubu is a medication aristocrat needed in the US and can’t step foot on US soil has been completely destroyed by this respectable visit by, as a matter of fact, the US envoy and US Political Counsel themselves.

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Definitely, the visit uncovered the double dealing of the individuals who are dead set on minimizing Tinubu’s accomplishments and on second thought concocting or kind of stories against the top of the line graduate of Chicago State College. Yet again tinubu, who resigned as a top Mobil leader, has demonstrated the proverb by the incomparable Winston Churchill that “you won’t ever arrive at your objective assuming that you pause and toss stones at each canine that barks.” He continues to move… “The lion doesn’t pivot when the little canine barks.”

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Is it conceivable that in your most extravagant fantasies a man who is purportedly needed for violations in the US would be visited by, in all honesty, a serving representative ?

A minister is a high-positioning negotiator who addresses a state and is normally certify as the occupant illustrative of their own administration to another sovereign state . This implies that the US envoy to Nigeria is the agent of Joe Biden, the US president, and has same resistance in Nigeria.

In the event that I might ask, is it feasible for US negotiators to visit the scandalous cop, Abba Kyari, and afterward posture and take pictures with the supposed criminal while opening their 32 teeth? In any case, disdain, the resistance’s stock in exchange, wouldn’t permit them to think plainly, and this time they have shaped Visually impaired AND Hard of hearing to the undeniable truth.

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The sooner the resistance comprehends that Tinubu is unreasonably huge for their jokes, the sooner they will discover a lasting sense of reconciliation. Take a gander at the photographs beneath to see the elated looks on the US negotiators’ countenances, which have without a doubt made a few people green with envy

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