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Police suffered heavy losses to EndSARS, More than the citizen — Force PRO

he Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, in a meeting with SEGUN ADEWOLE, addresses the case that the #EndSARS fight incorporated a battle for better compensation for officials

How might you look at your experience as a state police order representative to your time such a long ways as the Force PRO?

My past posting as a state order Police Public Relations Officer and presently as the Force PRO couldn’t measure up by any means. As an order PPRO, you manage a state, however presently I manage 36 states, the Federal Capital Territory and in excess of 100 developments of the police the nation over. Hence, the errand is tremendous, testing and requesting. The workplace has placed me on my toes in numerous areas and in view of the delicate idea of the workplace, there are many penances one should make for better assistance conveyance and productivity.

During the #EndSARS challenge police mercilessness, the demonstrators guaranteed their requests included better compensation for police officers. How genuine is that?

All things considered, I could do without examining #EndSARS for some reasons. Notwithstanding, it has turned into a set of experiences and reference point for some conversations today across the globe. I was engaged with the emergency. It was not totally a dissent. I was the PPRO in Lagos State which was the focal point of the #EndSARS fight then. It was awful. The first instigators had a few fights however they lost hold, control and concentration. Thus, by and by, I was not persuaded that #EndSARS was intended to change the police on the grounds that the police lost such countless things to the emergency, including lives and property. You couldn’t actually represent me regardless kill me.

How would you rate the utilization of web-based entertainment by the ongoing yield of state police order spokespersons in resolving residents’ issues?

We are more dynamic via online entertainment now to draw individuals close and overcome any barrier between the police and people in general. The PPROs answer issues consistently which has taken care of in numerous ways. We are into computerized media now and one should be pair with worldwide changes. In this way, I compliment them for their responsibility and relentlessness since I know it’s difficult to draw in the general population via web-based entertainment, however they do.

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Since you turned into a cop, which case have you gone over that you saw as generally surprising?

It was the day I was gone after by equipped looters in Sagamu, Ogun State. I was the official accountable for Anti-Bank Robbery and Operations in Sagamu then, at that point. On April 1, 2008, a few outfitted burglars accompanied a purpose to go after one of the new age banks at Sagamu intersection, and my six-man group and I ran into them, drew in them, upset their arrangements, recuperated around four vehicles from them, and killed some of them. It was a commended case in Sagamu then. While the terminating, which went on for very nearly 50 minutes, was on, it got to a phase where I was separated from everyone else. I needed to gather the boldness to consistently connect with them since I had no real option except to do so or be gunned down. The equipped looters, who really depended on 20, were completely outfitted. Thus, it was an extraordinary encounter one would always remember.

Depict what it’s like working with the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba?

Working with the current IG is an extraordinary gift to me in my vocation as an official and Force PRO. He is the encapsulation of information, brightness and modesty. He is exceptionally quiet, agreeable, and patient, yet all at once firm and profoundly principled. He has shown me how to be careful on the job. He takes as much time as is needed to go through records line by line regardless of the volume of the report. Baba takes as much time as is needed to take choices on issues; as a matter of fact, he is exceptionally enthusiastic about transforming the Nigerian Police Force. I have been so honored to have the IG as my chief. I love and appreciate working with him.
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What measures are being set up to guarantee that the acts of kindness of the police are exposed?

We set out on essential correspondence and advertising abilities to pitch our accomplishments. There are numerous ways we feature the endeavors of the police. We have extended our PR stages the nation over. The IG, who is a PR individual, has as of late endorsed the arrangement of additional PROs and PR contact officials for developments and divisions. These have uplifted our correspondence thoughts and open doors which will certainly help the accomplishments of the police. Likewise, our contribution in computerized media is an or more. With this large number of advancements, we are hopeful that our endeavors and accomplishments are supported.

At any point as the representative for the whole police force, do you carve out opportunity to enjoy with your family, particularly to loosen up?

I’m not a long way from my family; essentially I do video calls and speak with them consistently. There is no chance to travel routinely in view of my tight timetable however they come around to visit me in Abuja. It will intrigue you that my significant other is a senior cop too, so she is caught up with accomplishing police work in her order as well. However we are far in distance, we’re regardless close on a fundamental level and in all ways in light of ordinary correspondence and collaboration. Also, I play yard tennis quite well. I utilize my relaxation time to sing, play tennis and cruise all over around evening time to leave on observation across the FCT. I move around evening time to really look at our men on the job, and strategically assemble knowledge which I share with applicable areas. I’m a friendly individual, and I carry on with my life as a total person. I serve God and humankind.

How would you feel when somebody values crafted by cops via virtual entertainment and furthermore when the Force gets backfire?

I feel alright and large and in charge when individuals praise the police for our great accomplishments. It’s dependably a pride for me as a PR specialist that my foundation is being lauded and appreciated. Nonetheless, the converse is the situation when we are being battered or denounced for one explanation or the other. I generally visit virtual entertainment to evaluate things for myself with the goal that whatever is negative could be addressed in a matter of moments to quell public objection and in this manner reclaim the picture of the Force. I’m hopeful of a period sooner rather than later when the vast majority of the general population will commend the police continually, and it will be accomplished.

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For what reason can’t cops on watch obligation hold guns rather than terrifying looking AK-47 rifles?

The idea of violations and culpability in the nation decides the type of arms that officials bear. We use guns too yet not in all cases. In a circumstance where the lawbreakers are equipped with rifles, you don’t draw in them with a gun. In this way, circumstances figure out what sort of arms you use, yet significantly we use AK-47 and other attack rifles because of numerous fierce wrongdoings and exercises of furnished suspects we experience in the country. For example, you can’t handle scoundrels with guns, especially taking into account their capability.

Might it be said that you are concerned that individuals presently really like to hold up grumblings to police spokespersons through virtual entertainment as opposed to going to the closest police headquarters?

No, we are not stressed by any means. As a matter of fact, it makes it more straightforward for ourselves and Nigerians to look for and have equity in their cases despite the fact that each case that requires examination is relegated to a police headquarters and development for additional activity. Online entertainment stages assist us with fasting track cases and Nigerians are so keen to that since it has paid off. We even energize more Nigerians and individuals across the world to follow us on our virtual entertainment stages, and they are dynamic. We have even arranged and urged our PPROs to be more dynamic via virtual entertainment, and they are really dynamic.

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