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UK-Based Nigerian Doctor Loses Custody Of 16-Year-Old Son For Flogging Him

UK based Nigerian doctor’s 16yr old son taken from him because he flogged the boy with a belt after catching him watching an inappropriate video with his 2 friends.  think it’s very good to understand the hypocrisy of UK in cases of first to report. And the demonic teen friends that lied against their friends that in order to further indulge in their life spoiling practices like watching pôrn and not studying well.
If only the father had contained his anger and make a video evidence of those crooks. Then reporting his child formerly to the govt that how do you want me to handle this boy cos I don’t want to beat him to the point your govt ll say I beat him with anger.
UK is a theoretical place where you can pretend like you swallow all their bullshits but hypocritically go behind the scene to scheme things to your taste.
Chai, my Nigeria. That father ll trash both the son and friends together. In fact if it’s one woman I know, she ll craftly lure those kids, lock herself and those kids up in a store, apply fresh pepper in their eyes, buttocks, armpits, ear and nose, carry 3 brand new koboko and flog the hell out of those kids. That store ll be a mess! They ll see them the next day and ask if they were caught stealing at the market.
UK dey fall my hands when they don’t farabale hand civil cases. It’s not all first to report that are innocent. They v used this to give wrong judgements especially on issues of husband and wife’s issues where wife ll be the first to rush and lie against her husband cos they know the law there is sympathetic to women.

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