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“When your joints won’t let you lead a normal life, all you can do is hope for a miracle!”. An exclusive interview with the legendary man!

Hello, Mr. Tan, could you tell us a few words about yourself?

I was born in Abuja. I graduated from the University of Nigeria in 1975 and met my future wife Alicia there. We lived happily until 2011.

What happened in 2011 and why did you leave your job?

In 2009, Alicia was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee joint. The truth is that it was a turning point in our lives, and at that time I thought it was terrible ordeal. My wife tried everything for the next two years: physical therapy, gels and ointment, and even stopped doing sport and took different vitamins and food supplements. It was all to no avail. Nothing helped her, and we were both completely destroyed. I couldn’t believe there was nothing I could do to help my wife. Our health care system quite disappointed me, so I decided to find out if there was a way to give a long and happy life to my dearest person in the world. I started researching.

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What research are you talking about? Could you explain us a little bit more about?

When you realize that your wife will not be able to walk within a few years, you want to do everything you can to avoid it. I studied all information related to joint diseases, whether directly or indirectly in the field of physiology, psychosomatics and biochemistry. I spent almost all my money to find out the secrets of the best African specialists in this field, who without a doubt understand the problems of patients with joint wear much better than we do.

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In December 2011, I realized that if I mixed certain ingredients, I could obtain a product that can alleviate articular pain, but I was in for a surprise – the ingredients I needed weren’t sold in Nigeria, so I borrowed some money and ordered them from Asia. The necessary ingredients arrived in a month, but then another surprise awaited me – no one wanted to make the mixture I needed under laboratory conditions. Fortunately, I was saved by my friends from the university. 3 weeks later, I finally got the right formula and gave it to Alicia to test.

Oh my God! You cannot imagine how happy I was!

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What? What happened?

Alicia started to feel better each day. After 7 days, she went to the supermarket and bought some food. That smile I missed so much appeared on her face. It seemed too good to be true, but the tests showed that Alicia was healthy, and I was in seventh heaven. It was a real victory!

You are a great man and an example to us all! Then you decided to go further, didn’t you?

Not right away. At the beginning, we simply were enjoying life and appreciated every moment. Then, our beautiful daughter was born. Alicia was incredibly grateful because pregnancy also is a huge strain on the joints.

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