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Biafrans the victory that was recorded by Bruce Fein was as a result of the hard work of the leadership of IPOB in protecting the structure that MNK put in place.

At the point when Bruce Fein conflicted with the construction by meddling in the Nigeria lawful work by requesting that Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor leave, the autopiloters and Umuadaka in USA were thought to be the one behind the break of ward and attempting to capture MNK legitimate group. The administration of IPOB and the media champions came hard on Bruce Fein by advised him to focus on unfamiliar fight in court where he enjoys relative benefit. Right now, the most elevated administrator which is MNK himself interceded utilizing the order and control to settle the crack between Bruce Fein, IPOB legitimate group and the authority of IPOB.
The administration of IPOB approve of Bruce Fein, they’re basically safeguarding the construction of IPOB that was set up by MNK. In spite of that MNK was in the DSS prison, his order was complied by all gatherings and everyone started to mind his area of fixation.
Made them be that the administration permitted the Autopilot Iduu and Umuadaka in USA to commandeer MNK lawful group, at this point this advanced that IPOB recorded from UN won’t come.
Try not to permit anyone to befuddle you. Autopilot IDUU and Umuadaka in USA attempted to capture radio Biafra, ESN, lawful group and media office to obliterate it since that was the agreement they had with Fulani Nigeria government yet the DOS stood GIDiGBAM and safeguarded the construction.
Made them be that they commandeered these designs and obliterate it, at this point MNK would have been killed by Fulani. Or on the other hand regardless of whether he wil be delivered, he will be feeble without those designs.
We should laud IPOB initiative for not splitting the difference. Praise to MNK, DOS, ESN, legitimate group and media champions.

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