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BUHARI BODY DOUBLE: The news that is threatening the existence of Nigeria internationally

Nnamdi Kanu’s reappearance in Isreal 

A renowned Israeli international TV station hosts Nnamdi Kanu 

Nnamdi Kanu came live in a world wide broadcast for the first time in two years. 

Over 50 million people hooked on to Radio Biafra London just to listen to what Nnamdi Kanu have to say

Nnamdi Kanu exposed a top guided secret in Aso Rock, JUBRIL EL-SUDANI – buhari’s body double.

The news trend locally and internationally 

Nigeria government tried to dismiss the news

People started looking closely and questions started coming from every directions

Buhari traveled to Poland and was confronted with the news. In response he said “it’s the real me I can assure you that I am not cloned”

Nnamdi Kanu released a forensic evidences and proofs 

The news becomes the headlines of every media house locally and internationally 

Nigeria is now a ridicule 

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