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Charles Ogbu Deconstructs Adeyanju Deji’s ‘Poor Attempt’ To Portray Peter Obi As ‘Igbo’ Candidate

Your poor attempt to portray Obi as a regional candidate in furtherance of your hatchet job on behalf of Atiku, will never sail. Nigerians now know better.
“90%” of Igbos supported, bled for and some even d!ed for Jonathan who is not Igbo but who the Igbos believe was a better candidate than the human tragedy currently living in Asorock.
“90%” of Igbos supported the good man Yar’adua of blessed memory who was a Muslim and Northern fuulani.
“90%” of Igbos staunchly resisted the disaster called Buhari who is from the same state, region and religion as Yar’adua.
If “90%” of Igbos are now supporting Obi, it is because the Igbos are naturally drawn to competence and merit as the previous electoral choices as analyzed above show. #PeterIsBetter than all the other presidential candidates, a fact you yourself have repeatedly acknowledged.”
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