JUBRIL: PMB must understand that his obligations are to Nigerians, I sincerely don’t know why he is always running abroad to address issues of national importance – Ben Bruce


As you can see,running away to far away Poland and in front of the higly orchestrated, stage-managed, gullible audience to answer a very simple question : ”who are you?” cannot exonerate or clear you, rather, the desperate , fraudulent,poorly packaged, last minute efforts of your handlers to sell ‘ a real you’ has compounded the situation.Now, more international searchlight has been beamed on you and the cabals around you.

Come back to Nigeria and address your fellow citizens if you are truly their president, address the press in the zoo and let people look you directly in the face and ask you pertinent questions and more importantly, participate in the presidential debate of the already rigged election if you are real, let your zoo citizens, the world see you and ask you questions about whom you are, what have been your political agenda, what are your economic and policies, whether you really a human being while thousands are being slaughtered and cannibalism taken a new height and yet no response and willingness stop the Islamic fundamentalist, salafist jihad-ism and apartheid campaign of horror and terror::::::LET YOUR VICTIMS SEE YOU FACE-TO-FACE

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