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State govs’ corruption fuelling poor rural development — Buhari

Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), the President,on Thursday, stated that governors and other local government officials who “pocket” public funds are to blame for the stunted development seen at the local government level.
Buhari criticized state governors for how they treated his regime at the grassroots, which he said was unfair.
This was said by the president during a meeting with Senior Executive Course No.44 (2022) of the Kuru branch of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies was held in Abuja’s State House Banquet Hall.
The President departed from his prepared speech by citing a personal experience in which a governor he did not name misappropriated funds intended for the development of local government councils, thereby preventing grassroots development.
Following remarks made during the Course 44 presentation with the title “Strengthening Local Governance in Nigeria:Challenges, Options, and Opportunities,” which was written by a few members of the Federal Executive Council about how they think local governments should be given more freedom.
Buhari, perplexed, referred to the practice of some state governors receiving funds on behalf of local government councils in their states and then transferring half of the funds to the chairman of the council, who would then steal the remaining funds, leaving nothing for development projects.
He stated, “After reading my speech, I found it necessary to digress, and this digression is a result of my personal experience.”
“This is based on my own experience.If the amount transferred from the Federation Account to the State exceeds N100 million, the chairman will receive N50 million, but he will acknowledge receiving N100 million.The Governor will keep the remaining funds in his pocket and distribute them to whomever he chooses.
“The Chairman of the local government must then determine how much he must pay in salaries before development can continue.He will put the remainder into his own pocket when he pays the big man’s salaries.
“This is what is taking place.Nigeria is as such.It is an awful thing;You can’t say that the person who did this didn’t know anything.He was an experienced and qualified lawyer, but he took part in this kind of corruption.
Consequently, it is a matter of conscience at every level.You are here as a leader because of all the sacrifices the nation is making to train you for leadership through institutions.Personal integrity is the most important thing.We ask God’s help.
In addition, the president stated that his government would “painstakingly” consider the SEC 44 paper’s implementation recommendations.
The President noted that the report would provide direction to deliver good governance to the people at the grassroots and ultimately win back their trust in the government while claiming that his regime has done a lot to build trust between the government and the people.
“It is abundantly clear that the government cannot afford to merely lip service to the recommendations in this report.
Related News: Medical tourism lawyer sues Buhari and six others PICTORIAL:Russia-Ukraine war weapons enter Lake Chad: Buhari presides over FEC meeting. “I assure you that the report will be treated with the seriousness and urgency it deserves,” Buhari said.He stated, “The government will examine the report with the intention of implementing the meticulously detailed recommendations.”
He praised the report’s quality and the effort put into it, stating that the National Institute could be relied upon to complete extremely sensitive and crucial tasks of national significance.
The participants received high-quality training during the course, as evidenced by the high-quality presentation and the confidence with which it was delivered.I commend you for demonstrating how your nominations justified the confidence and trust placed in each of you.
I’m also pleased with your knowledge and discipline, which you have all openly displayed.I have been informed about the rigorous training you received at Kuru.Therefore, your graduation is well deserved,” the President told the 89 people who were enrolled in Senior Executive Course 44.
He provoked them to get back to their different foundations, units, posts, beats, divisions, directorates, Services, parastatals, commissions, orders, and organizations to revive, revitalize, change, and rejig their different stages and effective reaches, obligation and administration.
After hearing some demands from the NIPSS’s leadership, Buhari said he would investigate some of the problems the Institute was having, adding that no government institution was without problems.
He also reassured them that his government is on track to finish examining and passing the NIPSS establishment act and service conditions before May 2023.
As a result, the President instructed the Federation’s Secretary to the Government and the Federation’s Office of the Head of Service to carry out all necessary preparations.
Prof. Ayo Omotayo, Director-General of NIPSS, said that Course participants went on study tours to 14 Federation States, six African countries, and six countries outside of Africa.
He stated, “This enabled them to have both local and international perspectives on local governance, how to overcome obstacles to achieving it, identify opportunities to strengthen it, and develop viable options for the government to consider in strengthening local governance.”
Professor Tunji Olaopa, a member of the NIPSS’s directing staff, spoke after the parley and referred to State Governors as “the elephant in the room.” He also stated that grassroots governance is essential for restoring national security.
“The SGF succinctly captured the truth of the matter, as it was revealed in the report.Because local governance, the community, and the grassroots are the foundation of a democratic process, where the people belong, and because governance is ineffective, people have developed self-help and survival-coping mechanisms, you have no reason to complain that bandits have taken over our communities if the local community and the grassroot are not governed.
He stated, “While the government will take it on, NIPSS should also take up the advocacy dimension because really, you will see that the governors are the elephants in the room” and “of course, we also recognize that the governors are complaining because of over-centralization of power in the exclusive functions.” “While the government will take it on, NIPSS should also take up the advocacy dimension.”

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