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Stop Blaming Me For Your Inability To Do Anything – Ikpeazu Hits Gov.

The statement you provided appears to be a response from the former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, and his spokesperson, Mr. Onyebuchi Ememanka, regarding actions taken by the administration of Governor Alex Otti. It seems to be a point-by-point rebuttal of accusations made by Governor Alex Otti’s administration against Dr. Ikpeazu’s tenure as governor.

In summary, the key points made in this statement are:

  1. Governor Alex Otti’s administration is accused of blaming the previous administration (Dr. Ikpeazu’s) for decisions they have made, including the sacking of thousands of workers from the Abia State Civil Service.
  2. The statement challenges the accusation that Dr. Ikpeazu employed people “illegally” and points out that actions taken by a sitting governor are presumed to be legal.
  3. The statement asserts that the employment process for civil servants in Abia State followed due process and was supervised by the State Civil Service Commission.
  4. It criticizes Governor Otti’s administration for sacking Permanent Secretaries and the Head of Service without due process, citing a lack of queries or disciplinary cases against them.
  5. The statement raises concerns about the disregard for seniority and command promotions in Governor Otti’s administration.
  6. It suggests that Governor Otti’s background in banking may have influenced his approach to governance, including the decision to sack workers to manage the wage bill.
  7. The statement argues that Governor Ikpeazu had made efforts to pay salaries to workers, even amid financial challenges, and that Governor Otti’s administration received more revenue in a short period but still chose to sack workers.
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It’s important to note that this statement represents the perspective of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration and should be considered as part of the political discourse in Abia State. It reflects their position on the actions and decisions made by Governor Alex Otti’s administration.

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