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The Global Change Institute of Tony Blair: A rigging mercenary who interferes in foreign elections and should concern everyone

A few days ago, an Audu Bulama Bukarti with the official title of “research fellow” but the real title of “spy agent” published an article that was supposedly written by him and had the title ” Democracies at Risk: Why the Security Dangers to the Nigerian Elections in 2023 Must Not Be Neglected”

As an independent columnist and a native individual of Biafra, I typically don’t get gives together with lightweight essayists marching as Exploration Colleagues. especially one who is employed by a dishonest, dishonorable, and lowly individual like Tony Blair, a former British Prime Minister. Except for the straightforward fact that lying runs the risk of being accepted as the truth “if allowed to go unchallenged.” A Tony Blair who misses the wicked old days of his ancestors’ perpetration of slavery and colonialism and who as British Prime Minister presided over a government that encroached in other hemispheres (engaging in disruptive foreign policies) cannot be trusted to set up an institute that will work for the common good of all people. A worker of an institute set up for pushing distorted narratives by a war criminal like Tony Blair is in the company of American President George Bush, who invaded

Journalism, to put things in proper perspective, is the process of writing for publication or preparing news for broadcast. Nonetheless, it isn’t sufficient to characterize news-casting without calling attention to the significance of moral reporting whose cardinal point is “truth and exactness”. The journalist, in a sense, is also a human being, and the difficulty with humans is that they very much resemble nuclear materials. As a result, the line between ethical and unethical journalism can be thin or exacerbated by the journalist. Nuclear materials serve two purposes. Sadly, usability is the one thing that humans and nuclear materials have in common; Both have the potential to serve good or evil.

Journalism plays crucial and essential roles in every democratic election, including; presenting facts to viewers, readers, and listeners. However, it is a destruction for any general public when an editorial material they consume is an assessment being taken on the appearance of information, and expected for grifting, gaslighting and coercion.


The conviction that the Nigerian government receives assistance from outside sources is strengthened by reports like the Tony Blair Institute’s. Any report that failed the straightforward test of beginning the narration from the beginning did not make an oversight error; Its failure can be attributed to a deliberate and calculated intention to use “controlled opposition” to its full potential and intensify “cognitive manipulation.” The official government stamp on the report serves as a subtle endorsement of the genocide that is taking place in the Old Eastern Region of Nigeria (Biafra).

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A critical thinker became more aware of the two objectives that were sandwiched in between after reading the report in its entirety: continue to portray the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group because they are calling for a referendum to decide where they belong and portraying Mr. Peter Obi’s stronghold in Eastern Nigeria as a hotspot for terrorism and kidnapping. This kind of false information and disinformation plays into the hands of the Nigerian government, which views it as a gift for rigging. It is, hence, just typical that a pushback be made to appropriately illuminate Nigerians and guide them to ask Tony Blair Organization for Worldwide Change ‘for what reason they are assisting Nigeria government with gear the 2023 political decision’?

The remainder of the report is a collection of newspaper headlines or rehash that will be tossed into the academic dustbin of history. The report only addresses two (2) core areas of interest. However, the following attempt to correct the record is made:

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change makes deceptive claims that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is a separatist group. Rather, a movement for Biafran self-determination in Nigeria calling for a referendum to decide their fate. Members of the IPOB, a non-violent movement, have been killed extrajudicially by government forces for peacefully protesting in several cities in Eastern Nigeria (Biafra). At this time, no IPOB member has been found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Instead, numerous cases against the government have been won and compensatory damages have been awarded to them. Even international organizations like the United Nations Working Group on Human Rights Violations support Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB’s leader. It is clearly difficult to feel that a self broadcasted worldwide establishment like the Tony Blair Foundation for Worldwide Change will know nothing about every one of these. It misidentified the Eastern Security Network (ESN) as a militant organization in order to demonstrate the Tony Blair Institute Fellows’ lack of sincerity. Similar to the Omotekun in Western Nigeria (Oduduwa) and Hisbah in Northern Nigeria (Arewa), ESN is a vigilante organization whose goal is to drive Fulani terrorists out of the Eastern forests.

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To be clear, any report that says the Fulani terorist herdsmen were the victims is wrong, and the people who wrote it should be questioned about their mental state and why they wrote it. According to the UN Terrorism Index (UNTI), the Fulani terrorist herdsmen are the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world. The Eastern farmlands have experienced some degree of normalcy restoration since the formation of ESN. In a similar vein, tying the #EndSars protest to the IPOB Movement is shameful. Both are comparable. In any case, the murder of innocent Nigerians waving the Nigerian flag and the shameful role played by Catriona Laing, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, are the true events surrounding #EndSars. Until the victims receive justice, it is necessary to resist any attempt to spin it away.

The Projection of Eastern Nigeria as a Weakened Zone


Mr. Peter Obi, a presidential candidate for the Labour Party, has a stronghold in eastern Nigeria (Biafra). The IPOB is holding a referendum in the same region to decide whether they will stay in Nigeria or leave. Shockingly, the bid of Peter Obi destroyed the political math of Nigeria. As a result, the Fulani tycoons and their Western allies are disturbed. Government is looking for opportunities and is willing to commit crimes or abuse the law in order to achieve her excessive ambition because Peter Obi is saleable without any corruption, making it possible for the government to capitalize on and disqualify him.

The government of Nigeria has subtly encouraged criminality in an effort to place blame on IPOB, despite the fact that IPOB has no interest in Nigeria’s election (selection) but would use civil disobedience if necessary to boycott elections or demonstrate disapproval of the harsh treatment of Biafrans in Nigeria. However, despite the fact that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is adored by his people, it has refused to comply with a court order that acquitted and discharged him, knowing full well that doing so would stir up sentiment and increase tension.

The goal is to justify the crimes by using one’s love for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; crimes committed by agents backed by the government whose goal is to shake up Peter Obi’s voting bloc. Peter Obi will only be manipulated out of the election in this way, and the compromised media will all use the same banner headline: Peter Obi’s ambition is hindered by IPOB’s implementation of an election boycott. Using Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a pawn, this will effectively kill the new Biafra Movement and set the people against IPOB up; weak and worthless.

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The fact that the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change will support the aforementioned indicates everything you need to know about the people who run the so-called Institute.

Under President Buhari’s leadership, the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), which reveals that 133 million Nigerians—63 percent—are extremely poor. A similar scorecard shows that around 50 million Nigerians are jobless. When compared to the 200 million people who make up the population, these numbers give a scary picture. This isn’t brought about by IPOB or any gathering, yet an immediate result of government botch, inadequacy and unfortunate strategy definition. More Nigerians have been killed by terrorists, government security personnel, and hunger than at any other time in history since Muhammadu Buhari took office in 2015. Human rights groups like Amnesty International and InterSociety have documented Mr. Buhari’s abuses.

In conclusion, a court order acquitting and expelling Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been ignored by President Buhari’s administration. Despite the fact that many contend that the British citizen’s status as a “person of color” is a liability and the reason the British government refused to assist, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change did not defend the British citizen who was ordered to be released by a competent court of jurisdiction. It has instead chosen to assist a dictator in manipulating an election. The best danger to a vote based system is Denials of basic freedoms, Neediness and Rebellion to Court Request. In addition, the new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, describes all of the nations and organizations that are in bed with African dictators as a “cesspool of human scum” working to destabilize and impoverish Africa. Shameful!

Chibueze Daniel wrote the book, and Ogah C. S. Maduabuchi edited it.

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