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Tony Blair responds, “Biafra deserves the same legal right to referendum as Britain can enjoy a democratic process of exiting the European Union.”

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi KANU, has been drawn to the sponsored blackmail against us by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. TONY BLAIR FOUNDATION HAS JOINED THE LEAGUE OF SPONSORED BLACKMAILER. It’s unfortunate that Sir, a supposedly responsible foundation, To discredit IPOB in the eyes of the international community, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will go to such lengths to join the ranks of sponsored blackmailers.

Comparing IPOB to the well-known terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Nigeria’s 2023 elections is malicious on the part of Tony Blair and his compromised Foundation. Despite the fact that IPOB and ESN have never attacked anyone or any INEC infrastructure, the Nigerian government continues to sponsor media attacks to blackmail IPOB. IPOB members have never been arrested and found guilty of terrorism offenses. ESN was established to combat the threat posed by Fulani terrorists and Fulani herdsmen in Igboland.

IPOB and ESN have never attacked any INEC facility, and neither do we intend to do so in the future. We are able to carry out civil disobedience whenever the need arises, which may include calling for Biafrans to boycott voting during elections and employing other methods of civil disobedience.

We want Tony Blair and his political foundation to answer the following questions because they have chosen to join the group of Nigeria-sponsored blackmailers:

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1. When Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the then-President of Nigeria, bombed and killed everyone in two communities in Nigeria (Odi and Zakibiam), Tony Blair was the British Prime Minister. What did you say or do about the genocide of Nigerian citizens, Tony Blair?

2. Tony Blair said he loved Nigeria, but the British government has continued to pretend not to see the high level of corruption and killings in Nigeria, especially since the APC government led by President Muhammadu Buhari took office. What have you done or said about it, Sir Blair?

3. Tony Blair said that you loved Nigeria, but the British government laid an illegal but free oil and gas pipeline from Biafra to Britain through the bed of the Atlantic Ocean, which you called “Northern oil.” Isn’t that economic sabotage directed at Nigeria, specifically Biafrans?

4. Tony Blair, you want peaceful and credible elections in Nigeria in 2023; however, your British government influences who will be Nigeria’s President every four years, which hurts Nigerian voters. If the British government isn’t to blame for all of Nigeria’s problems, why don’t you let Nigerians choose their leaders without interference from your British government?

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5. You said you loved Nigeria, Tony Blair. What have you done to improve the economic situation of Nigeria and help the country produce reputable leaders who are not British puppets who are willing to assist their own people rather than labor as your slaves?

7. If the British amalgamation experiment known as Nigeria is working for all the indigenous ethnic groups that have been trapped, Tony Blair, do you think anyone will talk about Biafra or agitate for Biafra Independence?

8. Sir Tony Blair, what have you done about the genocide of the Biafran people that took place between 1967 and 1970 in Nigeria and Britain, resulting in the deaths of more than 5 million Biafrans? Does this imply that Biafran lives are of no importance to you and do not merit justice?

9. What have you said about the unconstitutional detention, rendition, and abduction of a British citizen in Nigeria, Tony Blair? Despite the discharge and acquittal of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigeria Federal High Court Umuahia and the Appeal Court Abuja, he remains imprisoned by the DSS. Is the British government less concerned about Mazi Nnmadi Kanu’s life because he is Biafran or British, or is it because he is a black man?

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10. Tony Blair said that he loved Nigeria, but what has the British government done to bring the Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorist group to justice for their genocide of Nigerians since 2015?

We would like to remind Tony Blair Institute for Global Change that rather than joining forces with the Nigerian Oppressive Government to denigrate the IPOB Movement, it is better to carry out an independent investigation into each and every accusation the Nigerian government has leveled against IPOB.

We are aware that Britain and all political juggernauts are interested in Biafra Land’s oil and gas, but freedom is our primary concern.

Biafra should have the same legal right to a referendum vote to decide whether or not to remain in Nigeria after the country leaves the European Union, just as Britain does when it exits the EU through a democratic process. What benefits the goose also benefits the gander.

Confidant EMMA Strong,


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