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Before you condemn and criticise Trump and say he will go to jail, kindly consider your own pitiful condition- FFK tells Nigerians

Femi Fani-Kayode has come hard on Nigerians who are against US President, Donald Trump.

Following the Wednesday, January 6 intrusion of Capitol Hill by Trump allies, a few Nigerians and other worldwide residents requiring the capture and arraignment of President Trump following he surrenders to president-elect, Joe Biden, on January 20.

FFK in a piece shared today lashed out, saying before such a gathering of Nigerians request that Trump be shipped off prison, they should sympathetically think about their own forsaken condition and ”the uncaring and detestable manner of their your own President and censure and scrutinize him first”. He requested that they quit ”whimpering” about Trump in the event that they can’t censure their own President.

Peruse his piece beneath


You continue to shout “Trump will go to prison! Trump will go to prison!”

You even ventured to proudly announce that,

“Trump is improper and he will spend the remainder of his life in jail!” and that “he’s battling for his life, yet it is past the point of no return!”.

Your dim heart, sheer brutality and twisted aura and your contemptuous, ignoble, unlearned and uninformed statements never stop to astound me!

To be perfectly honest I don’t realize whether to giggle or cry!

In the interim you don’t have the guts to state that the despot and psycopath that has transformed you into a slave in your own nation, that is controlling and murdering you and your kin, that has transformed you into the least fortunate and most pathetic individuals on the planet, that has changed your country into the greatest banana republic and joke on the African mainland, that has obliterated your future, that has removed your tranquility, that has covered your bliss and that has stripped and denied you of all your brilliance, honor, confidence and nobility will even miss a heartbeat for his heart-wrentching and brutal abominations not to mention go to prison.

The courageous one that hopped the entryway and raged the National Assembly with others a couple of years back didn’t go to prison yet is currently your Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The couragrous ones that monitored the bulwarks during the Endsars fights didn’t go to prison however are currently your legends.

The irate ones that walked the roads and challenged Goodluck Jonathan didn’t go to prison yet are currently your rulers.

The dangerous ones that arranged the assaults on the Endsars dissidents didn’t go to prison yet are currently the spoiled.

The boorish ones that take your territory, assault your ladies, hijack your kids and butcher your friends and family don’t go to prison yet are presently the supported.

The feeble one that loathes you with an obsessive disdain and that agrees with unfamiliar pioneers that you are “phenomenally bad” and that you are “lethargic and inactive young people” didn’t go to prison yet now holds the switches of intensity in your nation.

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None of these ones should go to prison!

Just Trump that should go to prison.

You are debilitated and apprehensive.

Before you acquire the option to censure and scrutinize Trump and state he will go to prison, benevolently think about your own forlorn condition and the heartless and underhanded mien of your own President and denounce and reprimand him first.

On the off chance that you can’t do that, at that point just shut up and quit crying about Trump or wishing him evil.

Send your own chief to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for wrongdoings against humankind, capture each one of those that carried out annihilation, ethnic purifying and mass homicide in the course of the most recent sixty years, secure every one of those that perpetrated conspiracy and executed a military rebellion against a fairly chosen Government, deal with every one of those that murdered blameless regular citizens during tranquil fights, catch each one of those that butchered IPOB adolescents throughout the most recent five years, confine each one of those that perpetrated demonstrations of dread and killed 3,000,000 Igbo regular folks during the common war, rebuff every one of those that squashed the individuals of Odi, Zaki Biam, Asaba, Obigbo/Oyigbo, Southern Kaduna and numerous different towns and networks in the course of the most recent sixty years, deal with those that killed Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims and the Christians of the north in the course of the most recent couple of years and first fix and right the wrongs of your own country, at that point you can discuss Trump.

Minister Bayo Oladeji, the representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), communicated the contemplations of numerous when he stated,

“Those Nigerians who went along with others in denouncing the reprobates who attacked the Capitol over the U.S. survey should reveal to us why they would not do likewise in 2011 when their god lost at the survey and numerous lives were lost all the while. Or then again is it an instance of ‘I was once visually impaired however now I can see’?”

Bayo has suggested a superb conversation starter which is asking for an answer.

In the interim think about the expressions of Mr. Babatunde O. Gbadamosi. He stated,

“The world is presently formally in hot soup. The last time Democrats were in force in America, they surrendered Buhari a leg, disregarded Boko Haram, decimated Libya and offed their own Ambassador”.

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Tunde’s commitment is adept and shrewd: the world is in fact in a tough situation.

Again think about the expressions of Mr. Oraye St. Franklyn. He stated,

“One Governor said ‘apparatus and pass on’. He additionally said ‘compose your will’. One President said ‘take shots at-sight’ while another said ‘the canine and the primate will be absorbed blood’. In any case, Trump said VERIFY SIGNATURES. However the last is the most denounced. Why?”

Oraye has asked the million dollar inquiry. Who will respond to it?

At last consider on the expressions of Mr. Ikechukwu Ka Dibia Onyeji. He composed,

“In the event that you turn on CNN, or BBC, or Al Jazeera, and see a data that I’ve been fingered trying to ransack a bank in Europe, I can communicate in English from morning till night here attempting to demonstrate my innocence, you may never trust me, since you saw it on CNN and BBC. Regardless of whether I’ve never for one day set foot in Europe, I’ll battle to persuade 10 regarding you that what you saw on your TV screens is obviously false.

Gradually we’re seeing a reality where the weight of demonstrating that a wrongdoing occurred has moved from the informer and the weight of demonstrating that no wrongdoing occurred has moved to the blamed. We’re in the period of Information Tyranny.

Enormous news enterprises and web-based media monsters currently choose for us who and what is correct or wrong. They presently choose what is phony information and what isn’t. They currently choose who wins decisions and who doesn’t. We’ve practically re-appropriated our deduction to them. The media partnerships and online media companies today are undeniably more impressive than they were 10years prior.

Everything necessary for false decisions anyplace on the planet to be legitimized today, is to get any significant news company to state it was free and reasonable, and any contradicting voice to the opposite will be named FAKE NEWS. That is the thing that occurred in America this last political decision.

If Trump won, a significant number of us will never know since we’ve been told by CNN and the wide range of various BIG MEDIA that he lost. Whatever else he’s expression is the ramblings of a whimsical psycho. For a very long time the media enterprises in America did a great deal of mischief to the picture of Donald Trump.

He may not be a pleasant person, I dislike him. Yet, whatever character he had, was under genuine attack by the media for 4 great years. They controlled what part of Trump’s character was accessible to the general population.

Ask numerous individuals everything they can say about Trump is the thing that they have seen or gotten with CNN. Gradually the picture of an extremely smart, shrewd and creative very rich person offered route to a Tyrant, a testy, bigoted character.

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CNN even caused it to appear as though Trump isn’t intellectually fit enough to be America’s leader! I mean a person who has composed books on abundance creation, and has even made abundance in billions of dollars is currently not fit to be America’s leader?!

The media made us all imagine that way. What’s more, presently Trump’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been obstructed due to the previous evening’s occasion. Restriction is presently acknowledged on the grounds that it is against a side the media doesn’t care for, so it’ll pass.

Data TYRANNY is genuine. What’s more, we’re completely in that period. We’re even dreadfully somewhere down in the grip of these data Tyrants to try and comprehend their capacity and how they control us.

Be that as it may, numerous Americans, similar to the once who fought the previous evening acknowledge they’re being controlled and they’re standing up to. The media again is painting them as underhanded. I’ve seen words like “Insurrectionists”, “criminals” and “seditionists” used to portray them.

75 million Americans decided in favor of Trump. What’s more, we as a whole perceived how Trump’s initial lead was squashed in flawed conditions. But since an up-and-comer blessed by the BIG MEDIA is in a bad way we can’t address it, else they name us “revolutionaries” and “adversaries of popular government”.

Indeed, even here a large number of us presently think the tallness of insight isn’t supporting Donald Trump. In the event that you uphold Trump, at that point you’re a blockhead, and much more terrible than the morons that help Buhari.

I will never be against a fighting group. Since in their numbers lies the genuine strength of majority rules system we as a whole love to protect and laud.

Whoever turns into the President of America come January twentieth, one thing is sure: what the media did in America by basically choosing a president for the individuals, will be repeated in numerous nations of the world.

Also, the recipients will straightforwardly or by implication be impacted by what occurred in the 2020 American Election.

We should recollect that once the media state they’re correct, at that point there’s almost no we can do about it. Subsequently the Will of the individuals will be supplanted by the desire of the media”.

Ikechukwu has nailed it. I was unable to have put it better myself. The media have now become the adjudicator, the indictment and the jury in any and each hostile issue. Anything that they claim and declare is consecrated and only they rule in the affai

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