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JAPA Fever Among Nigerian Youths

Hello Everyone, first of all I apologize in advance for the long note and also about my English, not actually my first language. cry

My name is Mimi, I was born in Nigeria… But cos of the nature of my dad’s profession i have spent around 75% of my life in different countries outside Nigeria… Mostly in EU.

Well enough said about myself, cos this topic is not about me but about Nigerians… Our general mentality and perception of abroad.

Guys listen up… All that glitters is not really gold. Out there is not entirely what people think it is. And you might think just because I have spent so much time outside Nigeria i do not understand the struggle in Nigeria and therefore not qualified to tell you all this “nonsense”….. I completely get it.. trust me.

But even a random 3 years old kid knows that the country is messed up and nothing to write home about, we all know about the Suffering, depression and “starvation level of poverty” in Nigeria yeah…. That’s why everyone is desperatly looking for a way out, no doubt… but trust me, JAPA is not ‘always’ your ticket out of poverty… Well ‘sometimes’ it is… but most times it’s just your direct ticket to being subjected to racism,more depression,more struggles,several mental disorder,homelessness, modern day slavery and the list goes on and on.

Trust me… when it comes to hustling field, success is much more louder than failure. cos our mind was designed to constantly search for hope. which means you would quickly hear about the lucky 3% that made it big through JAPA, but hardly hear about the remaining unlucky 97% that found themselves in worse possible condition after the same JAPA. There’s no money tree out here… there’s no diamond river out here…
Is there more opportunities? Well yes, But there are millions of people that already done and still doing whatever you intend to come do over here and yet they are still in the worse condition than you are in right now.

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You would literally cry when you see what most of our African brothers and sisters go through around the world in the name of Japa. And as a Nigerian?? Trust me it gets worse.. and your chances gets even much smaller. Cos no one trust Nigerians anymore any where around the world and I believe we all know why.

Sorry but I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, kill anyone’s vibe or being a negative biitch! Naaaah I’m only trying to be realistic! I’m only trying to tell you something no travel agent would ever tell you and something people abroad hardly tell you, and even when they eventually do tell you…? You don’t believe them.. instead you result to asking them questions like “why are they still there if it’s that bad”? …..

Well…. You wanna know why most of them are still there? Let me tell you why… there is a psychological reason for that… First They are still in DENIAL. Imagine dreaming your entire life to travel abroad and finally have a good life, you probably invested almost everything or everything you have got to make it happen (your money, your time, your last hope)
But then you finally got there and then meet a reality that is entirely different from your life long dreams and perception of these faraway green lands?
I don’t know if you know… but our brain is defensive in nature, it will automatically switch straight to denial mode… Leaving you with atleast enough ‘hope and wait for a magic or should i say a miracle’ (afterall this is abroad where magic happens?)
This is just one of the reasons why most of these people continue sticking around instead of returning home.

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Another reason is that they are worried about what people back home would say or think… Because the people back home also got this general fvcked up mentality and very high expectation of people coming back from Japa (y’all need to stop it! Y’all need to get rid of that mentality, seriously embarassed) cos like I said earlier… there is no bleeping money tree over there! I don’t know where Nigerians got that idea from in the first place…
It needs to stop, yall driving the youth nuts with such mentality, it’s doing more harm than good. That high expectation/ pressure back home is mostly the reason our people are more likely to result to crime out here (so just stop it! cry )

I have met alot of other African nationalities abroad… and amazingly they don’t share the same mentality we have about Abroad. They treat abroad as just another hustling ground and not a direct ticket to success… Therefore they are more relaxed and less pressured than Nigerians out here.

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Moving Abroad is not such a bad idea though, it worked and still works for few lucky ones (including my Family) it would be wrong and biased of me if I fail to mention that..
There are plenty of and more opportunities over out here not doubt…
But what I’m just saying is that… it’s not always that easily reached.. as most people automatically believe.
Look… Somehow all these countries are intelligently designed In such a way that it take back almost entirely everything you make out here from you one way or the other… Through tax, through mind blowing bills or random expenses around every corner.

And at the end of the day you realize you are nothing but a modern day slave building someone’s country for free… And without freedom.

Most people screaming Japa in Nigeria are far in better living condition and more stable mentally ,more happy than majority of people in the so called abroad without even knowing it. Sometimes Instead of gambling and betting your hard earned million of naira on Japa, it’s more advisable to chill out… relax and invest that Millions in Nigeria. I’m just saying… You would probably end up living a life most people over there can only envy and dream of.

Thanks for reading my long note… I hope this helps someone in making a life decision out there.

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